Top 10 Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) rankings, ratings, reviews

2012 Rankings
(Rankings for 2013 to be published soon)

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies are ranked by 2012 full year financial results to avoid any flux on a quarterly basis. New to our top 10 2012 list for ODM companies is Compal Communications (#9) and Arima Communications (#10). Providers: Submit your company to our directory.

Additional info

Company-branded product sales revenues, from overall EMS and ODM company sales, is separated out so we can assign a company a more accurate ranking to either our EMS or ODM competitive set based on that company’s business model and heritage. Both EMS and ODM company ranking lists are made possible with the help of Michael Palma, research manager, worldwide research at IDC.

Per IDC, some ‘top’ lists readers may come across elsewhere (online or in print) also include revenue from EMS or ODM company-branded product and / or upstream component revenue from separate entities (e.g., non-EMS and non-ODM business) within a corporate group. Additionally, IDC states it tracks a named company only when it can reliably gather quarterly financial data from the company that can be verified by a third party. Readers should be aware efforts are made for the top 10 EMS / ODM lists on this Website to focus primarily on EMS and ODM revenue. Contact Michael Palma directly for more. Not a GlobalNet member? Join here, it’s free.

Company ranking list: IDC, 2013


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