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Understanding industrial electronics services

Industrial electronics providers serve one of the non-traditional end markets in contract electronics manufacturing. Rate of growth for outsourcing industrial electronics has typically exceeded the growth rate for the overall global electronics outsourcing market each year for the past several years. Instrumentation technology and computing applications play an important role in the design and manufacture of many industrial electronics products. Some systems platforms this market incorporates into its products it produces include intelligent control systems such as digital logic and automated applications for use in robotics.

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Designing industrial electronics
In designing and creating ‘capable’ industrial electronics and electronics systems, services providers employ engineers with experience working with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital signal processing (DSP), systems architecture and design, and knowledge of microprocessors and microcontroller systems and applications to provide customers the product and functionality they require.

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Many industrial electronics providers will centralize your program into highly flexible, work cells. These cells will have highly configurable layouts to accommodate the complex nature of some OEM builds and varying demands while optimized to help maintain the quality you’re looking for.

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One of our goals is to make it easy for electronics sourcing decision makers just like you to find quality electronics services. Our unique and extensive interactive marketplace of provider services helps you easily find, connect and target the electronics provider companies you need, exactly when you need them.

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The industrial electronics provider has a great deal of depth and scope when it comes to value-added engineering. As for electronics design and manufacturing, in your search you’ll come across industrial services providers capable of very complex systems integrations locally, regionally and internationally. Just a few of the types of products produced by providers in this market sector include:

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Embedded controls, ATMs, kiosks
  • Materials handling equipment, manufacturing assembly equipment
  • Point of sale systems, industrial and domestic lighting controls
  • Off-road and mining equipment, agricultural equipment


Industrial providers offering ODM services

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With great depth of knowledge in engineered electromechanical and power distribution solutions, industrial electronics providers are playing a key role in alternative energy markets such as solar…designing and manufacturing infrastructure such as wiring harnesses, electrical combiner boxes, and custom box build systems integration assemblies that scale for OEMs serving the solar energy industry. You’ll also find these providers heavily invested in the semiconductor market.


Industrial_Electronics Terminal Control Panel



How will you know you found a good electronics provider for your industrial electronics program needs? A provider that builds to spec, conforms to regulations, and delivers on-schedule as promised to the quality you expect? Conservativley, there are more than 6,000 contract electroncis providers on the planet. While only a portion of these providers serve the industrial marketplace, the good news is there are lots of choices. The less-than-good-news is there are lots of choices.

To help, you can read up on tips about electronics provider financial due diligence. And, here’s a helpful article filled with tips for your RFQ phase with industrial electronics providers.

Given the high complexity nature of many industrial electronics programs on the industrial provider manufacturing floor or work cell, you can expect your process engineers to become intimately involved helping set up effective management of systems integration (box build) programs.

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Be prepared
Not everything will always go as planned. So while you’re discussing increasing upcoming monthly shipments in your weekly team meeting, something may happen in the supply chain which could impact incoming materials, or product already in the field. When such instances occur, learn how you can communicate and contain manufacturing issues.

But when things are going smoothly, its likely, somewhere, there’s a program manager who is really, really tired. The good ones do a lot of orchestration among the many cross-functional groups supporting manufacturing operations and they do a great job at keeping everyone informed, and on their toes. If you’re looking to enhance your program management effort to support your outsourcing program, we recommend you look over this article on electronics program manager duties.


Managing the contract electronics relationship
OEM responsibiity: Your reponsibility should not end with finding the best suited industrial electronics provider. While you’re entitled to good quality service and product in exchange for payment, it’s equally important your company puts in place the proper personnel and metrics for managing the OEM-provider relationship.

Provider responsibility: Its common, among other meetings, for providers to hold weekly defect reduction team (DRT) meetings. These meetings are attended by provider-internal personnel, only, and include the program manager for your account, a process engineer assigned to your program, plus the test engineer and the production manager. They’ll review and follow up on action items assigned to functional groups/individuals from teh previous week. Root cause analysis is discussed, corrective actions are determined and issues related to your program are resolved and crossed off the list.

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Providers will often follow this meeting with a customer focus team (CFT) meeting. Like DRT meetings above, CFT meetings are also weekly and include the same provider functional support members. But, unlike DRT meetings, CFT meetings also include OEM customer representatives from the same functional support groups.

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To find industrial electronics design and manufacturing services in your region you have interest in, search the Industrial Electronics Services Directory. Take a look at the reviews of industrial services written by other professionals.

After gathering the information to create your short list of providers, check out this checklist on evaluating electronics provider services. We also encourage you to see this article on the four most common types of contract agreements.

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