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Understanding peripherals electronics services

The electronics peripherals market is defined as input and output devices for connecting users and devices to computing and smart devices to increase user or device functionality. Peripherals include a wide range of computing related devices such as external storage devices, printers, USB devices, gaming and in-cockpit joysticks to mention a few. Peripheral devices can be found in all electronics end markets.

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The peripherals market strives to create brand recognition and / or unique applications differentiation so end market buyers are willing to pay price premiums.

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Peripherals design and manufacturing
Electronics services providers mostly associated with peripheral products are usually engineering-centric ODM business models. Many of these ODMs (and EMS providers) also offer the full suite of outsourced manufacturing services, including back-end services.

Peripherals fall into three categories: custom branding existing peripheral product designs already in the market, build-to-specification for NPI product based on the OEM customer’s trademark proprietary designs and, licensing arrangement where the OEM pays the services provider ‘earn outs’ based on entitlement to use the ODM’s IP with the OEM’s trademark.

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The risk / reward profile changes for one or both parties depending on contractual terms in the arrangement. OEM risk lies in researching, preparing and executing poor product go-to market strategy that cannot support the product, regardless of how innovative the product might be. The primary risk for ODM and EMS providers is usually due to not executing as agreed on against terms of the manufacturing service agreement.

Manufacturing services agreements and contract negotiations
Product requirements will typically drive contract negotiations, not legal departments for either party. Its important OEMs realize this and OEM legal teams understand contract manufacturing service agreements. The willingness, and unwillingness, to carry risk is passed between both parties during contract negotiations. From front-end pipelining of materials and related liabilities to defective work or product in finished goods inventory (warehouse) to field failures in the field — MCOGs is 75 percent to 80 percent of ASP. For most products, a warranty period of 90 days is usually good enough for manufacturing related defects to surface.


In locating peripheral electronics services, you can search by region here in the Peripheral Electronics Services Directory. Save time and use the inset below if you want help expanding your options. We also encourage you to check reviews of peripheral services written by other professionals. Add your review for electronics services companies you have experience with.

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Once you’ve created your short list of providers servicing the electronics peripherals market, since there is a high engineering content with these programs use this handy list of questions to further broaden your due diligence effort when speaking with providers. You might also review or print out and use this helpful checklist when evaluating manufacturing capability while touring factories on your short list. In addition to visiting peripheral electronics providers and visiting with their management team, it will be in your best interest to still ask for references. If you still want help, we offer a free service to OEMs. You can call us and speak with a Provider Advisor at (888) 860-1193.

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