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Featured Clean, Green Technology Electronics Provider


Why choose Jabil? Business disruption across multiple sectors is accelerating at record pace. Getting increasingly innovative products to market quickly, reliably and securely continues to separate winners from losers in markets around the world. And that’s why some of the world’s best-known brands partner with Jabil. Built on a foundation of empowered employees in 90 plants in 23 countries, Jabil focuses on helping customers with the world’s leading global manufacturing and design servic ...

Featured Industrial Electronics Provider


Your company can gain a competitive advantage with capabilities from concepting and prototyping to engineering and advanced manufacturing to reverse logistics. Flex can help accelerate innovation by leveraging our core technologies across industries to build and scale products into the market through an optimized supply chain, improving visibility and velocity.

Featured Medical Electronics Provider

SIIX Corporation

SIIX was founded about 60 years ago aimed at doing business overseas. The company now has about 50 bases in 14 countries. Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) SIIX EMS is an outsourcing business that takes on all or some of the manufacturing of OEM makers, and is run on a global base including the procurement of required components. We procure components and materials from around the world, including Japan, and manufacture products at our own and cooperating fac ...

Featured Servers, Storage Electronics Provider


Kitron’s core areas of electronics expertise are in the defense and aerospace sectors, energy, telecommunication, industrial electronics, medical devices and offshore / marine and include an array of services such as electronics product development and sourcing through to industrialization and manufacturing, post-production maintenance and repair in various locations.

Electronics design services explained

OEMs seeking electronics product design services should look for providers with in-house design expertise. While in-depth knowledge of technologies important to your product roadmap is important, look for electronics services providers who can support this with proven expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and system engineering.

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In your search results, you will be able to further target provider options by choosing end markets, then selecting Go.

Electronics providers offering the complete range of product design services will help you through the three phases of product design:

  • Preliminary explorations phase
  • Concept phase
  • Product development phase


In providers with proper human capital and technology resources, these phases are supported in-house by a full suite of design and engineering services including product development, implementation services, environmental and lifecycle engineering and original design manufacturing (ODM). With due diligence, OEMs will find that every end market in the electronics industry will reveal a number of providers capable of serving that particular industry and able to serve your specific design requirements for your product.

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We want to make it easy for OEM decision makers just like you to find quality electronics product design services. When visiting providers, ask management for examples displaying provider expertise in the following five (5) core activities:

1. Design audits: User, market and competitor analysis. Product analysis.
2. Industrial design: Advanced concept design. Product development.
3. User interface design: Interaction design. Graphic user interface.
4. Branding & product identity: Brand strategy. Communication plan.
5. Color & materials consulting: Trend forecasting. Materials R&D, components selection and applications.

Find electronics product development services

In your search results, you will be able to further target provider options by choosing end markets, then selecting Go.


From product concept to mock ups leading to actual working product prototypes, providers can help bring your product dreams to reality.

  • Product development
  • Implementation services
  • Environmental & lifecycle engineering
  • Original design manufacturing (ODM)
Find electronics product design services

In your search results, you can further target provider options by choosing End Markets, then selecting Go.


The cost for design changes to your product once your process is underway is directly proportional to the maturity of the product.

Search electronics ODM providers

In your search results, you will be able to further target provider options by choosing end markets, then selecting Go.

For instance, design iterations early in the development phase are less costly than iterations implemented after the product is in volume production. To help you minimize costly iterations, take a look at our checklist for Manufacturing Design Considerations.


To find electronics design services in the location(s) you have interest in search by geographic region here in the Electronics Design Services Directory. Be sure to look for reviews of providers written by other electronics industry professionals. And add your review.

Contact numerous electronics design providers to get a sense for their expertise depth in your end market, ask what types of design tools, design software and engineering practices they employ to help you begin to develop a better idea what might differentiate one electronics design provider from the next.

Not all providers have in-house design services. To help guide your electronics design provider selection process, be sure to ask about this. If the provider sub-contracts their customer electronics design work be sure to view our sample sub-contract electronics design agreement. We also encourage you to ask for references. Want help? Use the inset below or you can also call us and speak with a Provider Advisor (888) 860-1193.


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Once you’ve created your shortlist of electronics design services providers to visit for touring, use this design services checklist: What to look for, What to Ask to help you know what questions to ask to find the provider that’s best suited for your needs.

You can also join other OEM electronics industry professionals in our community where you can ask questions, exchange private messages with other members and benchmark some of your challenges and decision-making with others.

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