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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about GlobalNet community. If you are not able to find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. GlobalNet is designed for corporate electronics supply chain professionals. (See member sampling) Each GlobalNet account is evaluated for authenticity and being associated with a real person using their real name. Duplicate accounts and accounts created for spamming and other nefarious activity are deleted.

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Real name is required.
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VO GlobalNet community

What is VO GlobalNet community?

VO GlobalNet community is open to electronics industry professionals and readers responsible for purchasing; finance, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations who seek to connect with each other on topics of mutual interest.

GlobalNet Discussion Forums allow you to ask questions and connects you with a group of individuals who are interested in sharing their viewpoints and learning yours on a shared topic such as semiconductors or electronics component engineering, or outsourcing manufacturing operations and supply chains, industry conferences… You can also discuss whatever you want in The Cafe. Select the correct GlobalNet Discussion and ask other site users questions on anything from ways to solve product design issues; business culture do’s and don’ts when working with particular regions of the globe, choosing a vendor or supplier, or how to find some of the hidden costs involved with outsourcing, and much more.

Private Message puts you in direct touch with readers who may share your background, tastes, or professional goals. Make a connection with another member if you read a post or see a member profile that inspires, intrigues, or humors you. Your connections can become valuable contacts in business and your personal life.

My Contacts let’s you privately identify and save members to your personal network of contacts.

What’s in it for me or my company?

Joining community is free. Create your GlobalNet profile so you will be found on, a no-nonsense authoritative voice-of-reason, and knowledge gathering and knowledge sharing resource in the global electronics industry. Organizations with multiple employees can multiply their brand’s exposure with our audience by directing numerous individuals in the organization to create a profile.

What are the rules? wants to encourage the broadest exchange of industry and related information and news and welcomes you to participate and encourage stimulating, informative, and smart discussion. The community is a collaborative endeavor and to help maintain an environment conducive to quality, all users must respect the rules.

  1. You must use your real first and last name when creating your profile.
  2. Profile avatars must be a personal image of the registered GlobalNet community user. Company logos and promotional images are not allowed and will be deleted. Users who continue to violate this rule will have their entire profile deleted.
  3. (See site Terms for complete list)

In what ways can I participate on VO GlobalNet?

You can private message and connect with a member; create a GlobalNet Forums post, ask a question or respond to members’ questions, to name a few. (For the time being, site users that are not registered are able to comment on Website articles but this may change in the future) If you have questions or problems registering or setting up your Profile email us at: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com

How do I sign up?

Click the ‘Sign Up’ link located at the top right of the site. (You can also use the navigation menu). Enter your real name and email. You will then be sent an email with an auto-generated password. Then, log in to change your password and create your profile.

Can I sign up using only my initials?

No. You need to sign up using your full first name and last name. If you use only your initials, your account will be suspended. To reinstate your account, please send your full name plus your username to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com

How do I log in?

Click the ‘Log In’ link located at the top right corner of the site. (You can also the navigation menu). Enter your Venture Outsource ID.

How do I change my password?

After you log in, click the ‘My Profile’ link located at the top right corner of the site. Once you land on your profile page, click the link: Click to edit your profile. This will take you to the backend of your GlobalNet profile where you can change your password (bottom of the page) and make other edits/changes to your profile.

How do I give feedback / make suggestions to

Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. Whether you have improvement ideas or a complaint… (especially, if you have a complaint), let us know! Send us an email to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com or user our Contact page.

Are additional features scheduled for VO GlobalNet?

Yes. As the GlobalNet community evolves and other needs or helpful functions are identified, we will implement new features over time.



What is a profile and why should I create one?

Your profile identifies you to other users. You should create a profile to make it easier for others to connect with you. Including your region, company type and responsibilities facilitates easier connections with others. Doing so may also help all users gain a more thorough perspective when they read your posts, comments or questions. Be sure to ‘complete’ your profile once you create it so that your profile displays in the Members section.

How do I create a profile?

First, log in. Then, click the ‘My Profile’ link that will appear at the top of the site which will then take you to your profile page. Then, click the ‘edit’ link at the top of your profile page to edit your profile. Follow the instructions.

Why was my profile deleted?

The most frequent reasons a profile is deleted is the user is not actively involved in the electronics industry (with a verifiable title in supply chain management; finance, manufacturing operations or purchasing and procurement) or, a user avatar image is not a personal image of the user. Other reasons can include a user tried to circumvent our Terms to their advantage such as deceiving other users. Additional reasons can include reporting a private message received from as SPAM instead of simply ‘blocking the sender’ from sending more private messages; a user routinely uses ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS in his profile or posts (this can appear to some users in some cultures as YELLING AT THEM!); or, a user posted personal contact information or promotional information about him or his company where he should not have done so (currently, users may post personal contact information in the Forums, but we do not allow personal contact information posted in Q&A — this is because site visitors are not required to register or log in to post in Q&A). See Terms for more information or, write to us at: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.

Can I create my profile using just my first name?

No. Your full name must be used to create your profile.

Can I create my profile using only my initials?


Why do I have to use my real, full name to create my profile?

VO GlobalNet was developed to help encourage thoughtful dialogue and meaningful connections between real people. Using your real name discourages against bad behavior and prevents impersonations which can degrade conversation quality.

Can my profile display only my first name once it is created?


How do I add / change my own avatar or picture of me to my profile?

Once logged in, you will see the ‘My Profile’ link at the top of the site. Click ‘My Profile’ to access the edit view of your profile. Near the top of this page, click the link, ‘Click to edit this profile’. Use the ‘browse’ button to locate the image you want on your computer then click submit to upload. Doing so will replace any current image of you we may already have. When selecting an image for upload, keep in mind images are automatically re-sized to 85 pixels (square) to fit the profile page.

Why is my location being asked?

This is just one of the common denominators we use to try to bring individuals in VO GlobalNet closer together. Whether it be based on cultural interests and exposure, geography or time zones or familiarity with a certain region of the globe. Knowing this can also aid in helping other users better understand your comments or postings from your perspective.

What should I input for my location?

City and state, or just a general area. You can then use the pull down menu to select your region such as Asia/China, North America, Europe…

What do I put in the ‘About Me’ section?

Tell users about who you are, your interests, accomplishment or objectives. Whether personal or business related, as long as the information is about ‘you’, not your company. This is an opportunity to provide information for colleagues or headhunters to see. Your profile can be one of your gateways to business success. By completing as many of the other profile portions you provide more insight about you to users which helps them find ways to identify with you and your interests, while also encouraging them to reach out to you plus, also respond to you, when private messaging.

How do I complete the section titled ‘My thoughts on…’?

Various statements are provided across a wide range of interests and topics. You can complete / change as many statements as you like but your profile will only display the statements to other site users that you complete. See how other users completed their  ‘My thoughts on…’ in the Community section

What is a Corporate Verified Member (CVM)?

Corporate Verified Members are identified with a green star beside their profile name indicating a user’s identity and employer or company have both been verified. Email address on file must reflect the user’s name and company or employer Web domain.

What are some benefits of being a Corporate Verified Member?

Corporate Verified Members gain some immediate momentum toward establishing relations with other VO GlobalNet members. Other members are more likely to interact with a Corporate Verified Member, knowing the user is who they say they are and/or works for the organization the user claims to be associated with.

How do I edit my profile?

Once logged in, located at the top right of any page, you will see a ‘My Profile’ link. Click on this link and you will be directed to your profile page. Near the top of your profile page, click the link: ‘Click to edit this profile’.

How will my profile look to other members / site users?

Your profile only displays the image you upload and the sections in your profile you complete. Profiles left incomplete will not display to other site users and will not be included in site search results.

I created a profile. Why isn’t it displaying in the Members section?

Your profile may have been deleted by our editors. Perhaps you did not use your real name full name, or the profile email was later changed to spam another person or business. Other reasons might include the avatar displayed is promotional (e.g., company logo) or, the ‘About me’ section of the profile is promotional, to name a few. Once logged into your personal Profile page, you can see a checklist located at the top (and bottom) of the edit page for your profile which will inform you whether your profile is incomplete (red areas = incomplete) and what additional information is required. If you still have questions, send us an email with your first and last name to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.

Why isn’t my profile displaying in site search results?

This could be for a number of reasons. (See above) If you still have questions, send an email with your first name, your last name and your username to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.

What is Private Message (PM)?

Private message allows you to connect with another user in a closed environment with message seen only by you. Private messages are not indexed by the search engines.

How do I Private Message another member?

You must be logged in. Then, click on the ‘Private Message’ link to the right of a user’s avatar image in his profile, write your message and the recipient will receive an email notifying that user he/she has a private message waiting to be read. The recipient will then log in and see a notification at the top of their browser screen. Clicking on that indicator reveals the private message to the recipient.

Can I send bulk private messages to multiple users?


A member repeatedly PMs me. I have no interest. What can I do?

Notify us by sending an email, with the name of the user, to insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com. You can also choose to block that user from sending you additional private messages from within your Private Message system when logged in.

What is My Contacts?

My Contacts allows you to keep a list of member profiles you have interest in, all in one location. You can add or remove member profiles from your ‘My Contacts’ any time.

Will send messages to members in My Contacts?


How do I manage My Contacts?

Once logged in, click on the ‘My Contacts’ link located at the top right of your screen. To add a member to your ‘My Contacts’, visit that member’s profile page and click the ‘Add to My Contacts’ link located on that member’s main profile page. To remove a member, click ‘Remove’ in your My Contacts list.

Can anyone else see members I have saved in My Contacts?

No. Your saved list of members is exclusive to you. You are the only one who can see your list of members in your My Contacts, but you do have to log in to see them.

Can members see, or know, whether they have been added to, or removed from, My Contacts?

No. Adding or removing members in your My Contacts is exclusive to your knowledge and is not seen or known by other members.

How are profiles governed?

Each account is evaluated for authenticity and being associated with a real person using their real name. Duplicate accounts and accounts created for spamming and other nefarious activity are deleted.

How do I report abusive language in a profile?

Send an email with a link to the profile in question, to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.

How do I report a profile that is promotional?

Send an email with a link to the profile in question, to: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.


Ask & Answer

What is Ask & Answer?

Ask & Answer helps users obtain and share information. Any user can ask a question(s) which is then displayed for all site users to see. Questions can be answered by any site user.

Must I be a member of VO GlobalNet to ask or answer a question?


How do I ask a question?

You can ask a question in one of four ways:

  1. Through the Ask & Answer section on the homepage
  2. Through the Ask & Answer section in the right sidebar located on some site pages
  3. At the bottom of any article
  4. On the Ask & Answer main page

Through any of these platforms, you will be prompted to enter your question, enter tags (keywords having to do with your question), and you will then be able to either ask your question anonymously or, if you’re logged in, ask your question with attribution.

How do I answer a question?

View any question and enter your answer in the field below the question. You will be able to either answer anonymously or, if you’re logged in, answer with attribution.

Can I answer questions anonymously? How anonymous is anonymous?

Yes. You can either answer a question anonymously or your answer can be attributed to you if you are logged in. (If you answer a question anonymously, the answer does not count toward your “Top Answerer” status) No personally identifiable information is collected when you ask a question anonymously. However, your IP address is captured (but only visible to site administrators) to help prevent abuse.

Why should I use my profile instead of asking / answering a question anonymously?

ASKING a question using your profile:

  • Your name and avatar will display next to your question and link to your profile
  • You will receive notifications of answers to your question
  • Your question will display in your user profile
  • Members can contact you directly for clarification on your question
  • If there is a problem with your question, site administrators can contact you instead of simply deleting your question.

ANSWERING a question using your profile:

  • Your name and avatar will display next to your answer and link to your profile
  • You gain points toward placement in the Top Answerer section
  • You gain industry exposure / acknowledgement for your expertise
  • Your answer also displays in your user profile
  • Your answer will have greater authority
  • Members can contact you directly for clarification on your answer

Will I be notified of answers to my question? How can I find questions I asked?

Yes. If you submit your question under your name / profile, you will be notified of answers by email. You will find your questions displayed in your user profile.

If you submit questions anonymously, you will not be notified of new answers, your questions will not be tied to your account in any way, and your questions will not display on your profile page.

If I ask a question anonymously, how can I find it later?

You can search for your question. (See the next question)

How can I search questions?

You can search questions three ways:

  • Using the Website search in the site header, and on the search results page – filtering by Ask & Answer
  • Using the green search box on the main Ask & Answer page
  • Using the tag cloud

How are users chosen for the Top Answerer sections?

Every 12 hours calculates users to be placed in the Top Answerer sections of the domain using an algorithm which takes into account the number of answers you’ve given, the number of times your answers have been thanked, and the number of times your answers have been voted on. The top 8 answerers are featured on the home page, the top 5 answerers appear in the sidebar of internal site pages.

Will my questions be edited / reviewed before being posted?

No. Your questions will post immediately.

I posted a question / answer but I am unable to locate it? Why?

There could be a number of reasons. For instance, your posting could be misleading or promotional in that it blatantly (or is thinly veiled to) promote your company or your products or your services or, your posting(s) may have violated other Website Terms. Contact insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com with any questions.

Can I follow a question?

Yes. When you are logged in, you will see a link on every question page which reads: “Follow”. Click the link to follow a question.

What does it mean to follow a question?

When you follow a question, it will show in your member profile you are following that question, and you will receive email notifications whenever a new answer is submitted for that particular question.

Can I remove myself from following a question?

Yes. View the question while logged in and click “Unfollow”

Can I edit a question I submit? Will it display as new or indicate needing attention?

If you submit your question anonymously, you can edit it any time, and other users will be able to suggest edits to you. Edited questions do not display as a new question and there is no indication to other users your question has been edited. (If users’ responses are significantly different from what you anticipated, it is recommended you submit a new, more clearly worded question)

Who answers questions I submit?

Your questions are on displayed to the entire community of guest users and registered members. Your question will display on our homepage and in our Ask & Answer section. All site visitors are invited to answer.

My question does not display in search results. Why not?

If you submit a question and it does not immediately display, please contact insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com

If you submit a question anonymously and it later disappears, it means a site administrator ruled the question is a duplicate or either not appropriate, or a duplicate of an existing question.

If you submit a question under your name and an administrator deems it inappropriate for or a duplicate of an existing question, we will contact you prior to removal of your question.

How do I retract a question I already submitted?

Please contact insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com. (See Terms)

What do I do if I’m getting inappropriate / irrelevant answers?

You can report any responses you believe to be inappropriate using the report link located at the top of the response.

What if no one answers my question?

Be patient. Give our users time to formulate quality responses. If you do not receive any responses within the first week, you might consider re-wording your question to make it more inviting for users to respond.

Is there a way to remove all history to a question I asked?

To have a question disassociated from your account profile, please contact insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com

Can I link questions I previously asked anonymously, to my recently created profile?

No. If you want have a question associated with your profile, you must create your profile before submitting the question.

If I disagree with another member’s answer, what should I do?

If you disagree with another member’s answer, you can pursue the following courses of action:

  • Give a negative vote to the answer. This will indicate you do not believe the answer to be useful. Votes on answers are anonymous.
  • Post an answer of your own with corrections to the other answer.
  • Report the answer for admin review.

Can I add tags to my question after I already submitted it?

No, tags must be added at time of posting



What is GlobalNet Forums?

In keeping with’s position in industry as a knowledge gathering and knowledge sharing online resource, Ask & Answer and GlobalNet Forum both allow you to engage your peers and connect you with a group of individuals who are interested in sharing their viewpoints and learning yours. Forum allows for a deeper exchange or exploration (dialogue) of ideas, comments, debate among users.

What can I do in GlobalNet Forums?

You can interact with other site users on a shared topic such as careers, jobs, or outsourcing manufacturing operations and supply chains, to name a few. Comment on an ongoing discussion or start your own discussion topic.

How do I post to GlobalNet Forums?

Using site navigation select ‘Forum’. Then, click on the discussion topic / thread that best fits your comment or subject type.

How do I answer a member’s question or post in GlobalNet Forums?

You must be logged in and have a completed profile to respond to questions in GlobalNet Forums.

Can I create a new discussion topic?


How are discussions governed?

For the time being, discussion are periodically reviewed by a representative for compliance with site rules.


Comments / Posts

Can members comment on Website articles?

Yes. The member’s profile information will display in the comment, with a link to the member’s profile page.

Can non-registered site users comment on articles?

Yes, for the time being but this may change in the future.

What are some reasons a post would be removed?

Messages may be removed if they contain advertisements or profanity; objectionable images, all capital or all bold or italic letters, comments not relevant to a forum topic or spammed material that has been posted in multiple forums, excessive links to external Websites, or links to site with objectionable content.

Can I view comments / posts made by a particular featured member?

Yes. You can view another member’s comments and posts from the bottom of that member’s profile page.

How do I review all of my posts?

You can review your posts from the bottom of your profile page.


VO GlobalNet Community Access

My access was denied. My profile may have been deleted. Why?

VO GlobalNet requires members register using their real name and a valid email address assigned to that user. Please send an email with your full name to insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com for consideration to reinstate access. In repeat violations, or more serious breaches of our Terms, IP address of a previously registered user may be blocked from accessing our site.

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Real name is required.
Real name is required.
Using your corporate email address qualifies you for a green star to display on your Profile indicating Corporate Verified Member.

Yes, I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.