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Understanding contract electronics services and outsourcing has built a rich knowledge base and comprehensive library of contract electronics outsourcing services to help OEM decision makers just like you find quality services offered by original design manufacturing (ODM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers for your electronics OEM outsourcing programs.


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One of our goals is to make it easy for OEM decision makers just like you to find quality electronics services. Our unique and extensive interactive marketplace of provider services helps you easily find, connect and target the electronics provider companies you need, exactly when you need them.

For any electronics industry market, get prepared to find your next contract electronics provider with us.

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In your search results you can further target other Industries and/or Services plus, you can add more geographies to your search.

Electronics industrial & technology parks
Electronics providers come in all sizes. Many, larger providers have factories and facilities located in large industrial parks: ‘campuses’ that can cover many square miles. Government authorities go out of their way to set up special economic zones favorable to providers (they can then leverage to attract other vendors and suppliers also important to OEMs) capable of helping support large integrated infrastructure requirements.

Industrial parks are typically structured through combined effort at the regional and state-level governments. Electronics providers, vendors and suppliers, and OEM customers alike, each can rest assured advanced thought is given to issues that can sometimes surface impacting customs clearance and import / export product requirement standards so that risks to OEM production and overall supply chain performance can be mitigated.

Other industrial park benefits include strategic location: parks are usually nearby transportation networks — international air and sea ports, rail and major highways — thus saving decision makers travel time coming and going while also helping shorten both inbound materials delivery times and expedite outbound shipment of finished goods.

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Familiarity with local and regional business customs is also a big benefit. Add to this manufacturing electronics is very electricity intensive: most industrial parks offer a degree of reliability and are equipped with independent telecommunications systems, and a supply of uninterrupted electrical power created on site, plus sewage and water processing systems.

One noteworthy benefit OEMs often speak to about providers located in industrial parks is root-cause identification and corrective action execution. Since providers are situated nearby vendors and suppliers, if an issue surfaces with, say, the quality of a sheet metal enclosure, instead of getting on a phone call with a vendor possibly located in another time zone, OEM and provider support engineers on-site simply walk across the street.

Electronics Industrial Technology Park

Some vendor types, suppliers and provider services typical of industrial parks supporting OEM programs include printed wiring board (PWB) / printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, full systems integration, class 10K cleanrooms, plastic injection molding (including mold repair), cable assembly, distribution, warehousing…

Some industrial parks focus on specific product end-markets and technologies. Many offer campus housing and employee learning facilities which can include computer based training and certified junior high and high school on-site lesson plans where the provider is acting as academic liaison with local universities.


To start your provider search, select your geographic region in the electronics provider directory to find contract providers near your region of interest.

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In your search results, you can further target provider options.

Be sure to look for provider ratings and reviews from other electronics professionals just like you. And add your review. Share your experience with providers with others.

Contact numerous electronics providers to gain a sense of the range of execution capability from different management teams serving your product end market(s) so you better understand how their factory is set up for through put and quality and, what differentiates one provider from the next.

There are numerous trends in electronics manufacturing outsourcing — including higher CAGR (and generally higher margins) for electronics providers serving non-traditional end markets like medical electronics, industrial, avionics / aerospace, and military / defense.

To help guide your provider selection process, be sure to use our EMS provider checklist and review our list of questions to ask ODM providers. We also encourage you to visit each provider on your short list. As always, ask for references. Want help? Use the inset below or you can also call us and speak with a Provider Advisor (888) 860-1193.


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Also, take a look at suggestions when negotiating electronics OEM-EMS manufacturing contract agreements plus, helpful suggestions on managing your electronics outsourcing partners in quarterly business review meetings.


Gain even more knowledge and advance your career. Browse through our extensive database of exclusive articles on selecting and managing contract electronics services and electronics purchasing strategy, and join our GlobalNet community, the largest peer-driven online resource and network for corporate electronics OEM outsourcing decision makers.

Immediately tap into a network that extends across The Americas, Europe and Asia with like-minded electronics professionals just like you facing the same challenges facing your company today.

Build your knowledge base while you gather information; exchange ideas and network and make smarter, more informed purchasing decisions on services and products impacting the global electronics enterprise.  The site reaches more than 300,000 electronics industry decision makers. Our provider marketplace is used by some of the world’s largest electronics purchasing organizations ranging from Intel, Huawei, Samsung, Boeing, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense and a ton of venture-backed hardware electronics startups.

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