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Understanding the computing electronics market

The computing market is cost competitive and can be divided into three sub markets: commercial computing, mass market computing and industrial computing. Commercial computing typically involves very high volumes with thin margins providers work hard to obtain. This market has some top-tier mass producers and speed-to-market is essential.

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The commercial mass market is comprised of fast followers sourcing from a broader base of suppliers and targeting cost-conscious end customers. This market focus is alternate components sourcing, cost reductions, and special features – resulting in higher manufacturing margins.

Industrial computing has slower market adoption rates with chip sets based on Intel’s long life embedded roadmap. A high ratio of [process and design engineers] : [direct labor] supports lower volumes with higher mix manufacturing with higher margins. Customization and special niche markets are the norm.

Many larger electronics services providers are merging divisions, or exiting high-volume / low-mix business, altogether, to focus on higher margin business sectors.

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OEMs should note that electronics providers offering both computing systems electronics design and manufacturing services are typically better positioned to weather these market changes longer term. We also suggest OEMs learn more about understanding electronics provider financial indicators.

The commercial and industrial computing markets both have providers large and small competing for OEM programs and, while product design services can be found across all computer markets (think: medical, avionics, defense, consumer…) not every providers will offer design services.

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The types of services offered by providers serving the computing electronics market can vary. Computing electronics design services, while common, are not services offered by all providers serving in the computing market. Some commonly offered computing design services include:

  • BIOS development
  • Drivers / utilities software development
  • Communications software
  • Design concepts development
  • Various mechanical engineering services such as PCB layout, 3D modeling and packing design w/ working samples


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When seeking providers, OEMs can dive further into provider design capabilities by using our list of extensive questions geared toward evaluating ODMs during provider management calls and site visits.

Some engineering design services you’ll come across include manufacturing and circuit design of motherboards where providers have expertise in everything from power and display subsystems, audio and networking subsystems, and I/O interfaces.

For mechanical design, look for expertise in tooling development for plastics and sheet metal enclosures, extrusion and die casting experience and electrical performance testing. For further testing and development capabilities we suggest OEMs also look for:

  • Mechanical and electrical testing
  • Structural design testing
  • Thermal testing


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There are a host of qualifications and regulations to contend with other than standard ISO 900X conformance. Typically, these qualifications and regulations are more prevalent on the sourcing and, in particular, the government sector side of the business more so than unique, process-specific guidelines.

Provider global footprint can also be a concern for computing OEMs seeking electronics services in regards to considering regulatory compliance and import / export costs. Some of the computing sector’s quality and other noteworthy specs to be aware of, include:

  • Encryption: many countries have regulations regarding this
  • Country of origin / percent of content: These can impact tariffs – for each country where production / shipping takes place. (As far as we know, there is no worldwide accepted standard for import tariffs on imported goods)
  • UL, IEC, CSA
  • Intel design specs for operating system, logo and Windows system compliance


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From a quality management perspective, OEMs should ask providers you’re considering ‘What are you doing to hit our quality marks and sustain quality levels?’

The experienced provider will have a host of internal TQM processes and systems in place. When on the manufacturing production floor, as you walk the line or box build area, you’ll want to look for instruction sets, or manufacturing process instructions (MPI).

Manufacturing process instructions (MPI)
MPIs are in place at each stage of production to inform employees. MPIs serve three purposes. First, remind and instruct the employee at his station to check (verify) work performed by the previous employee up stream. Second, instruct the employee of work to be performed at his station (with both visual and written instruction on the MPI).

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And, third, instruct the employee to check his work before passing along the still-to-be-completed product to the next worker (downstream) where the entire instruction ‘process’ is repeated, but with a different MPI specific to the subsequent workstation. example of an MPI is shown, below.

Manufacturing Process Instruction MPI Electronics Services


Once you outsource you’ll need proper management teams and tools in place to manage your ongoing relationship. To help drive continual provider improvement, you may consider provider quarterly business reviews.

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Your provider review process can focus on metrics tracking primary elements of your business relationship and scoring contract electronics business elements allowing OEMs to chart provider progress to established goals. Your primary metrics might include:

Cost: Component and transformation costs can help drive down product costs (See also Outsourcing Calculator)

Quality: Review first pass yields at all process steps, including root cause for defects and all field quality issues. (You should also be kept informed of, and able to follow, any corrective actions)

Shipments / Delivery: Meeting committed ship dates can help drive predictability. Corrective actions for non-conformance on both sides of customer and supplier relationship.

Service: This will include measuring provider responsiveness, timeliness and delivery of standard reporting plus any RMA / repair activities.

Product realization: NPI-to-plan, capabilities to technically meet your OEM program needs for DfX and the production process.


Begin your search for computing electronics services by first selecting your geographic region in the electronics provider directory to find electronics services in the geography you need. Be sure to look for ratings and reviews from other OEM professionals. And add your review of electronics services you’ve had experience working with.

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Its important you reach out to a number of electronics providers so that you better understand the range of execution from different provider management teams serving the computing end market.

Management conference calls and setting up site visits is equally important so you gain a reasonable understanding of what differentiates each provider from the others. Also, check out this piece on touring ODM providers for key areas to keep your eyes on when walking through factories.

To help you further when selecting electronics services, checkout our checklist for evaluating electronics providers.

In addition to visiting every provider that makes your short list, we always encourage OEMs to ask for references. Want help? Use the inset below or you can also call us and speak with a Provider Advisor (888) 860-1193.

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