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Featured Avionics, Aerospace Electronics Provider


Why choose Jabil? Business disruption across multiple sectors is accelerating at record pace. Getting increasingly innovative products to market quickly, reliably and securely continues to separate winners from losers in markets around the world. And that’s why some of the world’s best-known brands partner with Jabil. Built on a foundation of empowered employees in 90 plants in 23 countries, Jabil focuses on helping customers with the world’s leading global manufacturing and design servic ...

Featured Automotive Electronics Provider


Your company can gain a competitive advantage with capabilities from concepting and prototyping to engineering and advanced manufacturing to reverse logistics. Flex can help accelerate innovation by leveraging our core technologies across industries to build and scale products into the market through an optimized supply chain, improving visibility and velocity.

Featured Military, Defense Electronics Provider


Kitron’s core areas of electronics expertise are in the defense and aerospace sectors, energy, telecommunication, industrial electronics, medical devices and offshore / marine and include an array of services such as electronics product development and sourcing through to industrialization and manufacturing, post-production maintenance and repair in various locations.

Featured Telecommunications Electronics Provider

GM - Kokomo Electronic Assembly

Kokomo Electronic Assembly of GM Components Holdings, LLC provides a variety of contract electronics design and manufacturing capabilities. Offering quality for the rigorous reliability requirements in the automotive sector plus, other markets, via manufacturing services, procedures and systems supporting products ranging from prototypes to high volume production and all backed by a worldwide network of General Motors purchasing and supply chain management teams. Will full turnkey contrac ...

Electronics services explained

OEM decision makers can improve operational performance by outsourcing OEM non-core activities to qualified contract electronics partners. Electronics providers offer a wide range of services that cover all electronics product industry end markets. Service offerings can range from front-end product design and new product introductions (NPI) to manufacturing and supply chain management, and include back-end support for OEMs such as logistics and after market services.

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Electronics design services help OEMs explore product concepts including materials research and selection of semiconductors and components plus, creating processes that help optimize OEM electrical systems design and firmware development. Providers then create product mock-ups and performance simulations leading to different product prototypes.

With deep domain expertise, providers maintain focus on product cost (and cost reductions) throughout this process while designing for manufacturability (DfM) and testability early in your product’s concept phase.

When choosing design services, select from providers with a history of expertise in your industry or product end market. Provider expertise and quality requirements for military and defense electronics will be different compared to required expertise for medical electronics, consumer devices…

Beyond the engineering depth and capabilities of many OEMs, some providers you will work with will have hundreds of design and engineering staff experienced in process development and implementations, environmental and lifecycle engineering, plus original design manufacturing (ODM) — all in an effort to help you bring your OEM product dreams to reality. Learn more about electronics product design services.

Find electronics product design / ODM services

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New product introduction (NPI) services
Provider new product introduction (NPI) services transition your OEM product into a volume manufacturing factory environment with a provider team specialized in supporting product prototype needs with expertise in product development, program management, process optimization and other value engineering services to help meet time-to-volume (TTV) and time-to-market (TTM) objectives.

Your provider will dedicate a single point of contact internally to act as a provider-internal coordinator among all provider functional groups responsible for your program as it makes its way into volume production. These groups include tool and mold design, hardware, software, fixtures and test equipment, process technology development and assembly documentation including visual manufacturing process instructions (MPI), and material requirements…to name a few.

Additional collaboration between your provider’s program team, and you, takes place to establish and track milestones and goals for product transition, ease-in-execution of product transition and achieving OEM customer (your) satisfaction. The average NPI program can take 3 to 9 months. Learn more about electronics NPI services.

Find electronics prototyping / NPI services

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Outsourcing electronics manufacturing can take place across the street, across state lines, or across seas and oceans with small, regional providers, or top-tier vertically integrated providers with global foot prints and industrial parks. Single- and double-sided surface mount technology (SMT) lines place electronics components and interconnects on printed circuit boards (PCB), also called printed wiring boards (PWB) to create a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

Assemblies (PBCAs) are then enclosed in plastic or metal, or combined with other sub-assemblies, in full systems integration, also called box build and electro-mechanical assembly.

Vertically integrated contract electronics manufacturing providers can also have separate divisions or functional groups feeding plastics injection molding, backplanes, sheet metal stamping and enclosures, plus cable assembly manufacturing requirements for your OEM program.

The type of manufacturing taking place in your providers’ location(s) depends on the product in production. Low-configuration and high-volume consumer tablets or smartphones manufacturing is different from the manufacture of large, medical CAT scan equipment requiring high-configuration and low-volumes.

Also part of contract manufacturing, are box build, or systems integration services. And when it comes to product configuration, providers are integration experts: printed circuit boards and PCB assemblies and backplanes are built into sub-systems using enclosures, racks, chassis and castings, cable assemblies plus, other mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic and thermal management systems, wiring harnesses, power equipment and interconnects and alarm and control systems. Learn more about electronics manufacturing services.

Find electronics manufacturing / electromechanical assembly services

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Supply chain management services
Today, OEMs no longer compete in the marketplace as brand v. brand. Competition among OEMs has evolved to supply chain v supply chain and electronics providers have become expert taking on more of this work: supply chain analysis and formulation, deployment and management.

From sourcing and procurement to inbound logistics feeding EMS/ODM operations driving outbound logistics and complete back-end reverse logistics, providers offer a full array of services that can benefit OEM companies just like yours and decision makers just like you.

Providers leverage their knowledge of demand flow, fast through-put, high turn, low capital and low cost manufacturing expertise and economies of scale to eliminate duplication and latency and integrate collaborative forecasting and planning systems to create the ‘smart’ supply chain built on a foundation of dynamic modeling and optimization with financial tools – tax and tariff planning, inventory financing, and global leverage of material and logistics suppliers.

All of this can result in a supply chain with an IT backbone enabling global visibility of inventory and in-transit tracking by part number on a common platform integrating with your suppliers, ERP, retailers / distributors and customer care. Learn more about electronics supply chain management services.

Find electronics purchasing, supply chain services

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Logistics provided by providers are often managed by third-part logistics companies, also called 3PLs. Common operations format includes vendor managed inventory (VMI) hubs strategically located across a region, country and the world. Proprietary IT systems drive pull to feed demand with complete visibility of storage and in-transit inventory – all of this being on-line with full track and trace and inventory status updates.

These extremely flexible systems can be tailored into numerous customized solutions, even for one family products, belonging to one OEM customer, and integrated into leading ERP systems. Learn more about electronics logistics services.

Find electronics order fulfillment / logistics services

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Providers can take full responsibility for your after market back-end services across The Americas, Europe and Asia and create a seamless experience for your customers.

Electronics providers have long-standing, deep relations with major freight forwarding carriers and can further support your OEM product supply chain and end-of-life (EOL) requirements with full e-commerce solutions and complete reverse logistics solutions using the latest materials handling and storage techniques and equipment for warehousing and inventory management, including facility and in-transit security systems. Learn more about electronics after market services.

Find electronics after market / reverse logistics services

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To start your provider search, select your geographic region in the Electronics Services Directory to find contract providers near your region of interest. Be sure to look for ratings and reviews from other electronics professionals. Already worked with electronics services providers? Add your review here. Be sure to contact numerous electronics providers to gain a sense for the different management teams, how their factory is set up for through put and quality and, what differentiates one provider from the next.

Let us expand your provider options


There are numerous trends in electronics manufacturing outsourcing — including higher CAGR, and generally higher margins, for electronics providers serving non-traditional end markets like medical electronics, industrial, avionics / aerospace, and military / defense. As always, ask for references and visit each provider on your short list.

To help guide your provider selection process, be sure to use our EMS provider checklist and our product design for manufacturing checklist. Also, take a look at a sample electronics hardware manufacturing contract agreement between an OEM and EMS provider.

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