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Featured Clean, Green Technology Electronics Provider

SIIX Corporation

SIIX was founded about 60 years ago aimed at doing business overseas. The company now has about 50 bases in 14 countries. Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) SIIX EMS is an outsourcing business that takes on all or some of the manufacturing of OEM makers, and is run on a global base including the procurement of required components. We procure components and materials from around the world, including Japan, and manufacture products at our own and cooperating fac ...

Featured Computing Electronics Provider

GM - Kokomo Electronic Assembly

Kokomo Electronic Assembly of GM Components Holdings, LLC provides a variety of contract electronics design and manufacturing capabilities. Offering quality for the rigorous reliability requirements in the automotive sector plus, other markets, via manufacturing services, procedures and systems supporting products ranging from prototypes to high volume production and all backed by a worldwide network of General Motors purchasing and supply chain management teams. Will full turnkey contrac ...

Featured Industrial Electronics Provider


Kitron’s core areas of electronics expertise are in the defense and aerospace sectors, energy, telecommunication, industrial electronics, medical devices and offshore / marine and include an array of services such as electronics product development and sourcing through to industrialization and manufacturing, post-production maintenance and repair in various locations.

Featured Networking Electronics Provider


Your company can gain a competitive advantage with capabilities from concepting and prototyping to engineering and advanced manufacturing to reverse logistics. Flex can help accelerate innovation by leveraging our core technologies across industries to build and scale products into the market through an optimized supply chain, improving visibility and velocity.

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