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OEM Tips for better contracts, electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

Below are numerous articles for OEM executives. Knowing EMS providers are in business to be successful, OEMs must accept part of being successful is making a profit. Providers quote the OEM a price for his outsourcing program and in this price is the provider’s cost, plus profit. All OEMs would be wise to understand how a provider determines price, and find ways to minimize the profit the EMS provider makes while accepting providers do need to make a profit to survive. Need to locate electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers or original design manufacturers (ODM) for your outsourcing program? Search our company directory. Want help finding electronics services? Click here and get started.


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In your search results, you will be able to further target provider options by choosing specific End Markets and/or other Services.

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Question: What's the easiest way to get out of a CM contract agreement?

Steve DeCollibusAnswer: Always bet on the person not the deal, wise words for anyone doing business … Read more »

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