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Top 10 EMS providers and ODM rankings, reviews, ratings

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Top 10 EMS and ODM companiesBelow are 2013 rankings for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies arranged in decreasing order based on each company’s own outsourced manufacturing revenues (EMS or ODM) rather than the value of end-products. Click each link to visit that company’s listing in the Electronics Services Directory to contact that company or learn more about a company’s service capabilities.

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2013 Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers

1. Foxconn (formerly Hon Hai Precision Industries)
2. Flextronics
3. Jabil
4. Sanmina
5. Celestica
6. Foxconn International Holdings
7. Benchmark Electronics
8. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (Former USI)
9. Plexus
10. SIIX

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In your search results, you can further target End Market options.

2013 Top 10 Original Design Manufacturers (ODM)

1. Pegatron
2. Quanta Computer
3. Compal Electronics
4. Wistron
5. Inventec
6. Lite-On Technology
7. Qisda Corporation
8. Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications
9. MiTAC Holdings
10. Wistron NeWeb

The 2013 Top 10 EMS / ODM list is made possible with the help of Michael Palma, research manager, worldwide research at IDC.

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How to Find Electronics Services is committed to helping OEMs expand options when seeking electronics services and gathering information on contract electronics manufacturing. To begin your search, select your geographic region in the Electronics Services Directory to find providers near your region of interest. Be sure to look for ratings and reviews from other electronics professionals. Already worked with electronics services providers? Add your review here.

Be sure to contact numerous electronics providers serving your industry to gain a sense for the different management teams and range of execution. You can search providers here by markets served or, you can search providers by service types offered, here. For more refined electronics listings from our directory, use multiple criteria to focus your search results. Search results will display corporate headquarters address location. Click to visit company listings pages for information on additional locations a company might have plus, details on service capabilities.

Once you’re created your short list, setting up tours is equally important so you gain an understanding how their design and manufacturing environments are set up for innovation, throughputs and quality and, what differentiates each provider from the others.

To further help guide you when choosing electronics services checkout our checklist for evaluating EMS providers. We also have an extensive list of questions you can ask prospective ODM partners.

In addition to visiting providers that made your short list, we always encourage OEMs to ask for references and, be sure to read the reviews posted to company listings in our directory for those providers offering the service capabilities matching your requirements. Want help? Use the inset below or you can also call us toll-free and speak with a Provider Advisor (888) 860-1193.

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For OEM decision makers wanting to engage like-minded professionals, our community can help you easily build relationships across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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