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Top 10 EMS providers and ODM rankings, reviews, ratings

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Top 10 EMS and ODM companiesBelow are 2014 rankings for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies, and combined EMS+ODM firms arranged in decreasing order based on each company’s own outsourced manufacturing revenues (EMS or ODM) rather than the value of end-products. Click each link to visit that company’s listing in the Electronics Services Directory to contact that company or learn more about a company’s service capabilities.

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2014 Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers

1. Foxconn (formerly Hon Hai Precision Industries)
2. Flex
3. Jabil
4. FIH Mobile
5. Sanmina
6. Celestica
7. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (Former USI)
8. Benchmark Electronics
9. Plexus
10. Venture Corp

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