Taiwanese ODM competitive landscape shifts as new market sectors emerge

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Details below, a few of the top Taiwanese electronics original design manufacturers (ODM), with perspective major manufacturing locations, and some of the products / markets they serve at that production location.

The Taiwanese ODM and contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) landscapes are changing. 5G networking technologies, smart factories combined with industry 4.0 technologies, and artificial intelligence are creating many ‘firsts’ and new ODM and EMS leaders in industry.

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Hon Hai (Foxconn) Langfang smartphones
Zhengzhou smartphones
Chengdu call
Wuhan call
Chongqinq call
Shenzhen call
Yantai TV, game consoles
Kunshan Components
Vietnam call
USA call
Mexico call
Brazil call
Pegatron Shanghai, Kunshan call
Chongqinq notebooks
Suzhou call
Taiwan call
Indonesia call
Wistron Kunshan smartphone, notebooks, servers (more, call)
Zhongshan call
Taizhou optoelectronics
Chongqinq notebooks
Chengdu call
India smartphones
Quanta Shanghai notebooks, wearables, servers
Chongqinq call
Taiwan call
Compal Kunshan call
Nanjing call
Chongqinq tablets, notebooks, wearables…
Chengdu notebooks
Taiwan call
Vietnam call
Brazil call

*Where sector is indicated, does not include company interest/movement into emerging markets. Contact Venture Outsource for more information.

As demand for smartphones softens and gross margins take a hit, ODMs and EMS providers are diversifying outside of typical mass markets. (See Fig 1: iPhone gross margin profiles decline at select ODMs)

Fig 1

Detailed EMS and ODM company breakdowns available

As ODM margins continue to face pressure, alternative strategic focus for many ODM and EMS firms has steadily been aligning toward manufacturing trends in industry 4.0 / IoT and sensors, connected devices, EV and related, medical technologies, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), to name a few areas.

EMS/ODM are also adding various types of services and technologies with the hope of enabling some providers to better position themselves to capture new markets and attract/expand their customer base. All of this is impacting both ODM and EMS customer supply chains and, how ODM/EMS industry providers present themselves in the market and sell their services.

Customer concentrations for the Top 10 EMS providers, ranked by revenue

On this last note, EMS provider Jabil is moving toward less EMS manufacturing customer transparency. In competitive EMS manufacturing, OEM switching costs can be low for customers leaving EMS partners (some sectors). So EMS provider sales people try building stickiness relying on emotional aspects of OEM-EMS relations. EMS manufacturer Jabil is in a constant state of restructuring, trying to fend off competitors (with little differentiation success). OEMs should ask Jabil (and any other EMS provider under restructuring): how are EMS restructuring program costs tracked and managed? Its easy for EMS restructuring costs to overlap and become recurring if costs are not managed effectively.

Part of Jabil’s restructuring is also dividing its EMS business and DMS (e.g. ODM) business to claim some form of differentiation and tighter OpEx for investors, but this will not likely free up excess working capital at Jabil – verified by workflow analysis of costly IDL in EMS industry. Add to this, non-savvy OEMs will have difficulty comparing Jabil quotes to competing EMS quotes. (Read: OEM best practices for EMS manufacturing quotes)

Asia manufacturing sourcing

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