Electronic supplier qualification differs for startup v. large OEMs

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Not all electronics OEM, small and large, have in place a formal supplier qualification process. When a supplier qualification process is in place its depth and scope is usually related to the OEM’s size and maturity.

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Hardware startups and smaller electronics OEMs managing their hardware and product design in-house are frequently short on staff or too rushed to create and maintain an adequate supplier qualification process.

The focus for startups is usually to focus on creating technology and sourcing components that can help the startup leverage its largest technology advantage, without too much regard for a supplier’s reputation.


Larger electronics OEMs that do have in place, and maintain, substantial supplier qualifications processes coincidentally also create a larger barrier for new suppliers and vendors to be qualified for the OEM. In many cases the process for many large OEMs to qualify a new EMS provider can take 15 to 18 months.

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When selecting contract electronics solutions providers its important to gain an understanding of the EMS provider’s financial strength in addition to its understanding of the latest technologies available.

For OEM decision makers who already know which services they need, identifying and selecting a list of quality EMS providers from which to begin due diligence can be more straightforward.

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