RFQ/RFP Management

OEM selection of EMS proposal and awarding EMS manufacturer your OEM program

Do your homework because your cost to change EMS providers later is high. Its not a simple decision and it’s critical for your success as well.
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OEM review of EMS quotes during RFQ phase

OEM and EMS functional teams need to talks. Invest the time and let your team talk to each other internally about what they see as different EMS companies’ strengths and weaknesses and strength and weaknesses they see in your own company.
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OEM RFP best practices for contract electronic manufacturing

Helpful tips for OEM executives preparing request for proposals (RFP) for contract electronics design and manufacturing. What to expect and how to manage the process as electronics services providers prepare and submit their quotes.
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Should cost analysis: How contract electronics manufacturing services price OEM quotes

Performing should cost analysis for electronics services means understanding how contract manufacturers turn a cost center – into a profit center. This article is based on an actual OEM program cost case study from within a provider.
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How to get the most accurate quotes (RFQ) from electronics services providers

When sourcing electronics services design or manufacture for your OEM product program (electrical, PCB design / layout, SMT and PCBA, electro-mechanical assembly, final systems test…) there are a few tips OEMs can keep in mind for a win-win.
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12 Keys to understanding EMS quotes for printed circuit board box build assembly

Electronics OEMs can expect to see the following pricing breakouts when outsourcing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to an electronics contract manufacturing provider. For more detailed information on how internal provider pricing for these line items is determined visit the additional links at the bottom of this article.
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How to OEM RFQs to manage EMS providers and material costs

Effective RFQ tips for EMS manufacturing services from an electronics OEM perspective while establishing the OEM-EMS contract agreement.
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Ways OEMs avoid electronics NPI mistakes

Excess inventory is a liability to both the EMS provider and OEM. This exposure must be watched closely by both since the EMS provider will undoubtedly come back to the OEM looking for payment for exposed material left over. If OEMs feel the EMS provider is not practicing proper procurement practices, OEMs should push … 
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New product introduction (NPI) quoting and the OEM

OEM companies engaged in quoting exercises for new product introduction (NPI) business services with contract manufacturers can expect the capable contract manufacturer to carefully lead the OEM through an established and itemized list of NPI product requirements and processes.

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What you should know about quote pricing, purchase orders, and ERP systems


Quote pricing and purchase orders are driven by purchasing, programs management, and materials management departments in the contract manufacturer. Read how these functions drive the process and the role of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
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