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What’s an OEM? Many Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) companies outsource their electronics product design, manufacturing, and other product-related supply chain requirements to contract electronics solutions providers. That’s where we come in. See 5 excellent reasons OEMs join, or simply register here. To receive our newsletter notices enter your email here. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below please contact us.

What’s a VO Profile? When you register on VentureOutsource.com, you automatically create a VO Profile in OEM Community. VO Profiles are exclusively for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies. Every new VO Profile is evaluated for authenticity and meeting OEM Community guidelines (e.g., Linkedin, online search results) before new users can access Member Search.

No vendors or suppliers. To help maintain OEM Community integrity we have a strict no vendor policy. VO Profiles created by professionals employed by vendors or suppliers are removed so our users are not hassled. We also remove consultants and contractors, researchers, analysts, recruiters, investors and anyone with a title of sales, marketing, business development or related.

I. VO Profiles & OEM Community

What is a VO Profile and why should I create one?

VO Profiles are for electronics OEM professionals. Your VO Profile grants you immediate access some site content exclusively for registered site users. You should also create a profile to make it easier for others to connect with you. Including your region, company type and responsibilities facilitates easier connections with others. Doing so may also help all users gain a more thorough perspective when they read your posts, comments, questions or reviews. Meet some registered users

Here are 5 excellent reasons to create your VO Profile.

What information is needed to ‘complete’ my VO Profile?

To complete your VO Profile:

  • Upload a photo image of you
  • Fill in ‘Basic info’ pink section
  • Fill in ‘Profile info’ pink section

Why do I have to use my real, full name to create my VO Profile?

OEM community was developed to help encourage thoughtful dialogue and meaningful connections between real people. Using your real name discourages against bad behavior and prevents impersonations which can degrade conversation quality.

How do I add / change my own avatar or picture of me to my VO Profile?

Once logged in, you will see the ‘My Profile’ link at the top of the site. Click ‘My Profile’ to access the edit view of your profile. Near the top of this page, click the link, ‘Click to edit this profile’. Use the ‘browse’ button to locate the image you want on your computer then click submit to upload. Doing so will replace any current image of you we may already have. When selecting an image for upload, keep in mind images are automatically re-sized to 85 pixels (square) to fit the profile page.

Why is my location being asked?

This is just one of the common denominators we use to try to bring individuals in the Community closer together. Knowing this can aid in helping other users better understand your comments or postings from your perspective.

What do I put in the ‘About Me’ section?

Tell users about who you are, your interests, accomplishment or objectives. Whether personal or business related, as long as the information is about ‘you’, not your company. This is an opportunity to provide information for colleagues or headhunters to see. Your profile can be one of your gateways to business success. By completing as many of the other profile portions you provide more insight about you to users which helps them find ways to identify with you and your interests, while also encouraging them to reach out to you plus, also respond to you, when private messaging.

How will my VO Profile look to other members / site users?

Your profile only displays the image you upload and the sections in your profile you complete. Only logged in users can view your VO Profile.

What is Private Message (PM)?

Private message allows you to connect with another user in a closed environment with message seen only by you. Private messages are not indexed by the search engines.

How do I Private Message another member?

You must be logged in. Then, click on the ‘Private Message’ link to the right of a user’s avatar image in his profile, write your message and the recipient will receive an email notifying that user he/she has a private message waiting to be read. The recipient will then log in and see a notification at the top of their browser screen. Clicking on that indicator reveals the private message to the recipient.

A member repeatedly PMs me. I have no interest. What can I do?

Notify us by sending an email, with the name of the user, to insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com. You can also choose to block that user from sending you additional private messages from within your Private Message system when logged in.

What is My Contacts?

My Contacts allows you to keep a list of member profiles you have interest in, all in one location. You can add or remove member profiles from your ‘My Contacts’ any time.

How do I manage My Contacts?

Once logged in, click on the ‘My Contacts’ link located at the top right of your screen. To add a member to your ‘My Contacts’, visit that member’s profile page and click the ‘Add to My Contacts’ link located on that member’s main profile page. To remove a member, click ‘Remove’ in your My Contacts list.

Can anyone else see members I have saved in My Contacts?

No. Your saved list of members is exclusive to you. You are the only one who can see your list of members in your My Contacts, but you do have to log in to see them.

Can members see, or know, whether they have been added to, or removed from, My Contacts?

No. Adding or removing members in your My Contacts is exclusive to your knowledge and is not seen or known by other members.

How are VO Profiles governed?

Each account is evaluated for authenticity and being associated with a real person using their real name. Duplicate accounts and accounts created for spamming and other nefarious activity are deleted.

II. Provider Advisors – Custom (free) list of EMS providers matching your program

What are Provider Advisors?

Provider Advisors is a free service we offer to help electronics OEMs gain additional knowledge about contract electronics providers and capabilities. Learn more about our Mission to help OEMs and how our program works.

Advisors are industry experts and have access to our extensive, worldwide database of provider capabilities, which is considerably more detailed than our Directory and can expand your OEM options with providers you might not know about. Plus Advisors can share provider reviews with you and more.

To speak with a Provider Advisor, do I have to register or log in?

No. Any site user (registered or not, logged in or not) can use our site or call toll-free referral (888) 860-1193 to speak with a Provider Advisor. Some areas of our site, however, are reserved for logged in users.

Why do you offer OEMs this free service?

VentureOutsource.com is the leading authoritative resource and community focused on contract electronics sourcing and strategy. Our Provider Advisor service is a natural part of our Mission to help OEMs gather relevant information and make more informed decisions about sourcing electronics services.

Advisors match your OEM program requirements with a list of quality providers.

Advisors help OEMs get provider quotes faster, which helps you to start your provider due diligence sooner. Here are more ways OEMs are benefitting.

III. Searching EMS Provider Directory Listings

Do I have to be registered or logged in to search EMS/ODM company directory listings?

No. Any site user can freely search all company listings in the directory

How about contacting EMS providers, do I have to be registered or logged in to contact EMS/ODM companies in the directory?

No. Any site user can freely submit inquiries to company. Simply use the forms or links found on each EMS and ODM listing to submit your request.

My company is a electronics solutions provider, how can we be included in the directory?

We are always interested in expanding our directory with new EMS and ODM listings. Please search here to see if your company is already listed. If not, submit your company here for consideration.

For partnerships and other business opportunities with us. Learn more.

IV. Posting Comments to Articles

Can members comment on Website articles?

Yes. The registered member’s name will display in the comment, with a link to the member’s VO Profile page.

Can non-registered site users comment on articles?

No. User must be registered with the site and logged in to post.

What are some reasons a post would be removed?

Messages may be removed if they contain advertisements or profanity; objectionable images, all capital or all bold or italic letters, comments not relevant to a forum topic or spammed material that has been posted in multiple forums, excessive links to external Websites, or links to site with objectionable content.

V. OEM Community Access

My access was denied. Why?

Members must register using their real name and a valid email address assigned to that user. Members should also be part of our target audience, should follow our Website Terms and Community Guidelines. Please send an email with your full name to insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com for consideration to reinstate access if you feel your profile was removed.

I registered for a VO Event and/or registered on the Website and I created a VO Profile. Why was my profile removed?

VO Profiles are for electronics OEM professionals employed in electronics OEM companies. Users employed by vendors or supplier or other non-OEM site users who register for our live online or OnDemand events may still attend that event if part of the target audience for that event but the VO Profile created will still be removed. Some other reasons a VO Profile may be removed includes, but is not limited to:

  • User is not employed by an electronics OEM company.
  • User VO Profile created does not display proper image of the registered user.
  • User VO Profile display promotional logo or promotional content
  • We were unable to verify who the user says he/she is.

Other reasons can include a user tried to circumvent our Terms to their advantage such as deceiving other users. Additional reasons can include a user routinely uses ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS in his profile or posts (this can appear to some users in some cultures as YELLING AT THEM!); or, a user posted personal contact information or promotional information about him or his company. See Terms for more information or write to us at: insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com.

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