RFQ template cover for EMS manufacturing OEM quotes

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The image below is a request-for-quote (RFQ) template cover from an EMS provider. Knowledge how EMS providers compile OEM program info during request-for-quote phase; a tier-1 EMS manufacturer finalizing a quote package when quoting an electronics OEM manufacturing program.

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OEMs can reference this template when interacting with EMS providers, helping you identify the type of information EMS providers will often be seeking about your program needs.

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Once OEMs receive your quote from EMS providers you are considering you can use our OEM outsourcing calculator and change varables to see how different scenarios impact your business.

EMS provider request-for-quote (RFQ) template cover

You can download the PDF here. Leverage information from this template to help you formulate strategy when you are internally gathering information requested by contract electronics solutions providers. (Search EMS provider listings)

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