Mexico hourly manufacturing wages, labor productivity, electronic industry infrastructure v Asian nations

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The USA is the largest, single contributor of GDP to the global economy. China is ranked a distant second, far ahead of Japan, Germany, and India, respectively, rounding up the top five according to figures from UN and IMF.

As manufacturing import-export tariffs trend, influenced by the ongoing US-China trade war, nations are positioning to take advantage of duties impact on various products and industries.

Some South East Asia electronics manufacturing destination winners emerging include:

India’s role in global electronics manufacturing is still playing out, with some important challenges still not resolved after many initiatives and attempts going back ten-plus years.

Mexico v China changing labor costs

Closer to the US, Mexico is playing more prominently into manufacturing supply chain decision-making, especially as capital flows continue from Europe, Asia, and emerging markets to the US dollar for safety against softening economies everywhere else, including China.

Mexico is leveraging its close-proximity to the US economic consumption base for contract electronics solutions facilities located in Mexico, plus interest from continuing struggling economies in the EU, despite 10 years of quantitative easing, and developed and emerging economies also facing challenges elsewhere.

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