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Future manufacturing-as-a-service PCB assembly driven by manufacturing IT and marketplace

By VentureOutsource.com Staff

The next super cycle in manufacturing will be a combination of industrial software systems with advanced sensors, IoT networking, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced robotics as automation continues to influence the manufacturing cycle and large parts of our lives.

Manufacturing IT systems drives super cycle

For manufacturers, manufacturing technology stacks will evolve, or manufacturers will be left behind. This is increasingly important for contract PCB assembly, EMS manufacturing firms where manufacturing IT systems will be impacted by three main drivers:

  1. Data intelligence lowering cost of creating, storing, accessing, analyzing data
  2. Software advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence
  3. Vastly improved manufacturing-specific technologies

According to a report by Barclays Research, this manufacturing super cycle will yield significant productivity gains, mass customization and a return to localized manufacturing Barclays believes. Disaggregation will impact the value chains, decentralizing it into marketplace, design, manufacturing, and logistics.

Marketplace importance

Manufacturing ecosystems and B2B marketplaces like Global SourcesThomasNet, Venture OutsourceSAP Ariba, IEEE GlobalSpec and others will become increasingly more important bringing decision makers and solutions providers together.

Some networks serve both B2B, and B2C, offering buyers and solutions providers a broader reach and wider range of solutions from apparel, fasteners, tubing, chemicals, pumps and valves to beauty and personal care solutions across dozens, even hundreds, of verticals.

Design, manufacturing, and logistics focus

Other domains for design, manufacturing and logistics are B2B-only, niche focused, and go deep into solving business challenges with research resources and proprietary search engine technology attracting professionals seeking to collaborate with a like-minded community of decision makers in procurement, engineering and supply chain management tasked to find suppliers and formulate plans of action with trusted providers of design, manufacturing, and logistics solutions in a hyper-competitive industry like contract electronics, and responsible for commodity and materials RFQ and spend management, vendor contract management, supplier management, and financial supply chain management.

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Barclays believes the end game of this value chain decentralization will be independent, adaptive manufacturing factories offering manufacturing-as-a-service with [real] smart factories with connected and flexible systems able to adjust to changing demands and improve through self-optimization, resulting in enormous benefits and value concentrated around marketplaces and community networks.

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