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1. Box Build Activity-Based Quote Model
2. Driving EMS Provider Quote Accuracy
3. BOM Management During RFQ Process
4. RFQ for PCB Assembly
5. 12 Key System Integration Box Build Things to Know
6. Hardware Startup Strategy Contract Manufacturing Outline
7. Favorable Quote Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
8. Comparing Quotes from Different EMS Providers
9. RFQ Template for EMS Manufacturing Quotes
10. Quote Costs v Price (questions to ask your EMS provider)
11. RFQ Strategy and EMS Materials Management
12. EMS Open-Book Costing (Slide Deck)
13. EMS Factory Finance Audit
14. Know Your Pricing (even before EMS submits quote)
15. Telling EMS Provider They Won Your Business
16. Hardware Pilot Build New Product Launch Specs
17. OEM Cost (spend) v. EMS Pricing
18. New Product Introduction (NPI) Quote Best Practices
19. OEM Product Development and Design Validation for EMS Manufacturing
20. 14 Steps How OEMs Select EMS Partners

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OEMs expand your options when seeking quality EMS solutions with a custom list of EMS providers. We’ll tell you about EMS providers you may not even be aware of. We have knowledge of factories that perform (and we know factories that do not perform). We understand EMS leadership. We hear why customers are leaving their EMS partners, transferring programs to alternative EMS providers better at executing in the US, Europe and throughout Asia.


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OEMs can also gain access to detailed EMS management team information on 3,000+ EMS providers worldwide:

     Access privileged info on specific EMS factories and EMS management team execution.
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By VentureOutsource
Our carefully designed questionnaire covers EMS forecasting, purchasing, planning, scheduling, program management – and much, much more, and helps OEMs evaluate quality manufacturing partners and focuses on driving EMS IDL workforce accuracy, timeliness, and productivity execution.
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OEM Plan for Electronic Prototype and Product Development in EMS Manufacturing
This OEM plan for electronics prototype and product development helps OEM decision makers see all aspects of electronics product development and prototype services offerings by contract electronics solutions providers to encourage better dialogue and more informed decision-making between you and your electronics product development partners.
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OEM Handbook for EMS Manufacturing Multi-National Pricing Drivers
Information in this handbook is what EMS provider executives might use when creating competitive EMS pricing and respective contract electronics services pricing models. EMS manufacturing pricing models can hardly prove successful without understanding the inputs and drivers for such models.
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EMS Flowchart for OEM Electronic New Product Introduction (NPI) Programs
Launching a new electronics hardware project is tough enough. The flow chart helps OEM decision makers see critical steps EMS providers execute in bringing your product to market. This flowchart and combined detailed steps highlight how OEM and internal EMS provider functional groups work together.
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