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Save time. Make more informed decisions. has collective, tacit knowledge about OEM customer insight concerning EMS manufacturers, and manufacturing services supplier dynamics and compliance to customer requests, and more, supported by complementary knowledge of contract electronics industry taking years to develop and available nowhere else.

One of our Provider Advisors will give you a curated, custom list of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers matching your OEM program needs.

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Take advantage of our one-stop resource for busy OEM decision makers knowing you can rely on a Provider Advisor to give you valuable information available nowhere else. Call and speak to one of our Advisors. (Its free) Advisors have access to detailed info on EMS provider capabilities and industry intelligence worldwide. Expand your options and call us toll-free (888) 860-1193
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What is enables professionals seeking electronics services to quickly find quality providers. No log in or site registration is required to freely search our global Directory of Electronic Services Listings or to read about our manufacturing cost models.

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Why use
  • - Save valuable time and money
  • - Get list of EMS firms matching your program
  • - Our Provider Advisors are industry experts
  • - Freely search EMS listings & contact providers
  • - Increase productivity
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