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Our chief assets are information and interactions. We have credibility because we go deep into outsourcing electronics business circumstances to help decision makers solve problems with relevant information they proactively seek out on a regular basis. Our site touches decision makers at a time of relevance while information is gathered and plans-of-action are being formulated.


We offer highly specialized solutions that make your marketing and sales teams more efficient, and smooth the customer experience, for companies that can effectively process volume opportunity, helping you create new customer business opportunities and tap into new markets or geographies.


An easy and effective way solutions providers can get great exposure with our audience is with customer reviews on your listing page in our directory. If your services are not yet listed in our Directory of Electronics Services Listings: Get Listed

In addition to sponsorships, and listings we offer priority search results in our EMS Directory plus, you can create targeted campaigns to help you maintain decision maker mindshare like banner placements on our site. For the latter we have several options. inventory is available through private private marketplaces and preferred deals working directly with us:

  • Some banner ad inventory on is powered by the Google Doubleclick ad exchange (AdX)
  • We also participate in the Google AdSense program for displaying banner inventory on certain page templates on our site. To use this alternative sign-up for Google AdWords and choose as your target placement.
  • Advertisers can also work directly with us for (non-rotating) banners of your quality message through our banner system on our server. Various sizes and placements available.

Plus, there’s more. Call us at (888) 860-1193 or contact Evelyn Wyatt at ewyatt at

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