Checklist for Electronics Pilot Build System Integration Box Build Programs in EMS Manufacturing | White Paper


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This White Paper is for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies.

Checklist for OEM Pilot Build Systems Integration Box Build Programs (PDF)

For electronics OEM professionals working with contract electronics solutions providers for your electronics product box build programs, request our systems integration pilot build checklist. (Also suggested: OEM Checklist for EMS Manufacturing RFQ Process)

The pilot build checklist covers the following segment areas, with detailed information and responsible titles or department functions for each step, action or activity associated with your pilot build and defined within each segment:

  • Documentation
  • Business Concerns
  • Material & Materials Management
  • Production
  • Test (Box/Systems Level)
  • Test Printed Circuit Board Level (Assembled)
  • Training
  • Capacity
  • and, more

OEM target audience: Electronic OEM individuals, managers and executives working in OEM hardware companies responsible for proposals, quotes, costing and cost management, vendor and supplier management, purchasing, planning, strategic sourcing, materials and supply chain management, manufacturing operations, finance, corporate strategy and related.

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