Timeline for Electronics New Product Introduction (NPI) Program Launch in EMS Manufacturing | White Paper


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This White Paper is for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies.

OEM Timeline for Electronics NPI Program Launch in EMS Manufacturing (PDF)

Electronics new product introduction (NPI) is critical to OEM business success. New product launches help OEM in capturing new and additional market share, increase profitability and grow revenue.

Releasing new products into the market allows OEMs combat many of the pressures end-markets exert on companies today. With the complexity of hardware manufacturing and the operational expertise of electronics solutions providers, many OEMs are brining their new products to market with the help of EMS providers with NPI expertise.

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This white paper lists EMS provider assumptions of OEM NPI program plus, EMS provider expectations of OEM customer, EMS provider materials management best practices for NPI programs and EMS provider NPI reporting to OEM customers, and more.

OEM target audience: Electronic OEM individuals, managers and executives working in OEM hardware companies responsible for proposals, quotes, costing and cost management, vendor and supplier management, purchasing, planning, strategic sourcing, materials and supply chain management, manufacturing operations, finance, corporate strategy and related.


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