WEBINAR: Transferring High-Tech OEM Programs into Contract Electronics Manufacturers | Webinar | October 29, 2013

Steven Linahan Consultant, Providence Partners


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SPACE IS LIMITED FOR THIS INTERACTIVE WEBINAR lasting 60 minutes. The event includes a 15 minute speaker Q&A session and is presented by a seasoned 30-year electronics industry executive who has worked with numerous OEM and EMS and ODM companies.

THIS EVENT IS DESIGNED for technology OEM companies; original design manufacturers (ODM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers, semiconductor firms and vendors and suppliers serving the electronics industry.

TARGET AUDIENCE for this event is decision makers in the electronics industry who are directly responsibile for:

  • Supply chain, logistics
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Business unit management
  • Product management
  • New product introductions (NPI)
  • Finance
  • Contracts, quotes management
  • Programs, project management
  • Global program management
  • Scheduling, materials management
  • Purchasing
  • Process, test engineering
  • Quality
  • EMS/ODM provider selection
  • Vendor and supplier management

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After this event concludes, attendees listening to this speaker will be able to:

  • spot potential trouble areas when first setting the stage for migrating OEM programs into ODM and EMS providers;
  • understand how to effectively manage OEM program materials / documentation for the transfer,
  • recognize how to accelerate OEM cost reductions, and transfer of risk,
  • know how to keep product time-to-market (TTM) schedules on track,
  • drive provider performance from beginning of OEM program journey, to start of production, and through ramp-to-manufacturing volume
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Materials for this event

PDF Slide Deck
PDF Gantt file outlining steps / processes for OEM program migration

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  • Steven Linahan Consultant, Providence Partners

    Steve Linahan is a 30-year electronics industry veteran with background in supply chain, manufacturing operations, service and logistics. He is currently working with Providence Partners, a consulting company based in Austin,Texas. Previously, Steve worked for companies such as Quanta Computer; Flextronics, Sanmina-SCI, AT&T, SMTC, 3Com and several start-up high-tech computing and networking companies, and most recently rugged tablet-maker Xplore Technology as vice president of operations. Notable customers include Dell, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), HP, IBM, AT&T and Schneider Electric, among many others.

    He has supported factories and products in the US, Europe, Mexico and Asia and has held a broad set of roles in process engineering; test development, supply chain management, customer advocacy as well as business development prior to senior and executive leadership roles.

    Mr. Linahan holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Texas at San Antonio and professional and technical certifications from groups such APICS, NAPM, SME, Texas A&M and H.B. Maynard Institute.

  • Mark Zetter Moderator, CEO VentureOutsource.com

    Mark Zetter is a leading electronics outsourcing industry business analyst. He is president of VentureOutsource.com and frequently helps technology OEM companies in choosing EMS provider partners and negotiate OEM-EMS contract service level agreements. Mark's expertise is backed by a solid understanding of OEM outsourced electronics supply chain operations; EMS business models, real-time intelligence on EMS industry trends and knowledge of industry cycles, and his unique insight into the challenges EMS providers face serving various electronics sector end markets.


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