WEBINAR: Future of Pervasive Computing and IoT Connected Devices | Webinar | January 23, 2014

Michael J. Palma Research manager, IDC Consumer Semiconductor and EMS Research


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THIS INTERACTIVE WEBINAR is 60 minutes and includes a 15 minute speaker Q&A session presented by a well known and respected IDC research manager and industry analyst.

IN 1999, KEVIN ASHTON, while working at Proctor & Gamble, coined the term the “Internet of Things” (IoT). At that time, the idea of everyday objects with embedded sensors or chips that communicate with each other had been around for over a decade, going by terms such as “pervasive computing”. The idea was that everyday items such as a car, or suitcase, or refrigerator could connect to the Internet, enabling autonomous communication with each other, persons and the environment. According to a 2013 report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, today, businesses worldwide are mainly in the research stage, and they are slightly more likely to be using the IoT for internal operations and processes than in external products or services.

By region, European businesses are leading the way, but only fractionally. Meanwhile, manufacturing leads the way among industries, with financial services bringing up the rear. As the number of systems around us grow, the need to make this environment unobtrusive is critical so that users can focus on what information and content they want and need from their devices. Whether we talk about our cars, homes, the workplace, our interaction with the world is changing.

THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THIS EVENT is product managers, embedded systems engineers, software developers, systems and software architects, and executives with:

  • EMS and ODM firms as well as other supply chain companies, including distributors, systems integrators, and VARs
  • OEMs and device makers of smart phones, other mobile devices, consumer products, industrial and medical systems, and smart energy technology companies
  • Component makers active in the display, battery, and module markets
  • Semiconductor firms supplying processors, sensors, connectivity, and power management solutions
  • Software companies working developing applications, middleware, operating systems, and other elements necessary for intelligent systems
  • Service providers looking to commercialize the Internet of Things, big data, and other business and consumer opportunities

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After attending this event you will have an understanding of:

  • transition to pervasive computing and intelligent systems and the role of the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M);
  • key technologies enabling this transition: touch screens, voice interaction, motion and environmental sensing, and gesture and object recognition;
  • the opportunities developing around pervasive computing and intelligent systems
  • how the electronics supply chain can participate in this evolution in the marketplace
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  • Michael J. Palma Research manager, IDC Consumer Semiconductor and EMS Research

    Michael Palma is a Research Manager for IDC’s Consumer Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing research initiatives within IDC's Enabling Technologies team. Michael leads IDC's Consumer Semiconductor coverage, investigating market opportunities, competitive analysis, and development of semiconductor and other core technologies intended for the diverse consumer electronics field. Specifically, his coverage focuses on Tablets, eReaders, and the digital living room, including DTVs and set-top boxes. Mr. Palma is also responsible for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector. In this role, he examines EMS business models and strategies, manufacturing relationships, and future road maps of EMS providers and original design manufacturers (ODMs).

  • Sara Roberts Director, Educational Programs - VentureOutsource.com

    20 years in corporate America helping prepare reports, assisting with meetings and presentation materials, and planning marketing and sales events. Contact me if you want to speak in one of our events to help our event attendees save time, reduce costs and become more informed as they advance their careers.

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