WEBINAR: EMS Provider Selection: The Electronics OEM Executive Mindset | Webinar | May 3, 2016

Raymond de Graaf SVP, Operations - Cambium Networks

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The EMS industry has matured, electronics OEM decision makers are not interested spending scarce capital on in-house manufacturing capabilities. Depending on the P&L of your OEM company, your COGS are critical in making or breaking the quarter. Your ability to bring product to your customers in a timely manner with the right quality, at the right price, etc… is a cornerstone to your survival.

Unless you are willing to insource you are dependent on your EMS partners so you better select the right one as the cost of making mistakes is high. As OEM decision makers, you are each a part of different OEM companies and, while every OEM executive has his own unique challenges, this event focuses on considerations and questions you should ask yourself with the ultimate intent to help you and your company make better EMS provider selection decisions and, have better end results.

In this online event, Raymond discusses the OEM decision maker framework when considering EMS partners. OEMs can submit questions during registration (at left) and attendees can submit questions during the live event.

This event is for:
Electronics operations leaders (COO, SVP, VP) and EMS vendor selection decision makers and electronics OEM hardware, R&D, finance, purchasing leaders whom are key stakeholders to this decision process

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  • Raymond de Graaf SVP, Operations - Cambium Networks

    Raymond was with EMS provider Flextronics at the beginning, when revenues were $200 million. He remained at Flextronics for 10 years, then departed as General Manager and Flextronics' revenues topping $25 billion propelling the EMS provider from No. 17 in industry to No. 1. Raymond then spent a few years as VP/GM for Precision Communications, a small private company in the high-end, high margin sector of after market reverse logistics and repairs services. Afterward, Raymond joined Ixia, a publicly-traded hardware OEM serving the test and visibility industry as company Officer and SVP of Operations, where he helped orchestrate growth from $150 million to $500 million which included overseeing five acquisitions. Today, Raymond's role of SVP Operations at Cambium Networks has Raymond's focus on growing a SME company in the fixed wireless broadband industry.

  • Sara Roberts Director, Educational Programs - VentureOutsource.com

    20 years in corporate America helping prepare reports, assisting with meetings and presentation materials, and planning marketing and sales events. Contact me if you want to speak in one of our events to help our event attendees save time, reduce costs and become more informed as they advance their careers.


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