Checklist for Electronics Program Request-for-Quote (RFQ) Pricing for Sourcing EMS Manufacturing | White Paper


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This White Paper is for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies.

Checklist for Electronics Program Request-for-Quote (RFQ) Pricing for Sourcing EMS Manufacturing (PDF)

We analyzed 3,000+ EMS manufacturing quotes - including highly complex systems builds - for OEM programs across multiple EMS factories and geographies. This RFQ checklist covers key aspects important for helping position OEM professionals engaged in sourcing contract EMS and ODM providers for your outsourcing programs in your request-for-quote (RFQ) phases with new and existing contract EMS and ODM suppliers.

Importantly, this white paper also includes BOM structure and OEM discovery best practices plus, suggested considerations such as steps to prevent EMS suppliers from walking back quoted prices and fees - after your quote has already been delivered - while helping OEMs become better positioned to then begin a drill-down and optimize lower cost (price) alternatives quoted by EMS manufacturers responding to your RFQ/RFP.

Also, read here how OEM equipment manufacturers can cut costs for EMS manufacturing fees between 5% and 15% per program.

OEM target audience: Electronic OEM individuals, managers and executives working in OEM hardware companies responsible for proposals, quotes, costing and cost management, vendor and supplier management, purchasing, planning, strategic sourcing, materials and supply chain management, manufacturing operations, finance, corporate strategy, category management and related.


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