TECH DEMO: Artificial Intelligence Solving Trade and Tariff Compliance in Manufacturing Supply Chains | Webinar | January 24, 2019

Mark Swartz Founder & CEO - NEURAL Corporation

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Companies can identify and solve issues with product planning, purchasing, warehousing, BOMs, scheduling, WIP, ECOs and FGI all while meeting trade and compliance requirements months before real impact.

This event shows attendees how automation is playing a significant role in country-of-origin (COO) and UNSPS code management, HTS codes accuracy, and the office of compliance management. Avoid delays at customs, eliminate costly penalties.

Attendees will learn:

  • How A.I. locates/corrects HTS, UNSPSC codes from data previously unattainable.
  • How A.I. formulates questions and suggesting alternatives from previously incomprehensible data to help compliance and supply chain managers make more informed decisions.
  • How to quantify current consequences (costs and penalties) for lost opportunity (savings) from using poor trade and tariff data.
  • Details how one client's uncovering/recovering HTS and UNSPSC code corrections located $25M+ in risks unseen internally

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  • Mark Swartz Founder & CEO - NEURAL Corporation

    Artificial Intelligence solutions for complex and intricate business segments where differentiation matters. NEURAL Corporation evolves your manufacturing supply chain helping OEM and contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers to become more competitive.

  • Sara Roberts Event Moderator: Director, Educational Programs -

    Sara has 20+ years in corporate America assisting in the planning and marketing of sales events and corporate training programs, in addition to many other roles. Contact me if you want to speak in one of our events to help our event attendees save time, reduce costs, and become more informed as they advance their careers.

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