Sergio Alejandro Garcia de Alba

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My thoughts on ...
What I think about Foxconn
A company with success in global business model to compete in very complex low cost market.

EMS companies I have worked with
In my public service participation I had contact with companies like: Flextronics, Jabil Circuit, Sanmina-SCI and many more in all of the supply chain.

The skills I often see lacking in the EMS industry today

What I think about some of the emerging EMS markets or regions
Asia and Latin America are the regions with the most important future.

What I think about low-cost manufacturing
Every time more complicated with the constant necessity of evolution.

My thoughts on what makes a good program manager
Understand the requirement of global supply and the importance of competitive logistics.

A book I recommend to others or am currently reading
The Hidden Dimension (Edward T. Hall)

Someone I would most like to sit next to at a dinner party
Warren Buffet

About me ...

Former Secretary and Undersecretary of the Economy of Mexico (2003 to 2006)
Former Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, Mexcio (1995 to 2000)
Partner & CEO of American Industries de Occidente (2011)
Partner of Sushi Factory restaurants, Guadalajara, Mexico (Since 2003)
Investor in technology companies (Since 2002)

Partner of Donari, a company that donates 100% of its profits to projects supporting the integral education and technical training in benefit of children and youth who suffer poverty in Mexico.