Scott Marshall
Amsterdam | Europe
Supply Chain Operations, EMEA Network Design & Management at Cisco Systems
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My thoughts on ...
EMS companies I have worked with
Celestica, Jabil, Flex, Foxconn,

The skills I often see lacking in the EMS industry today
Customer service, project mgmt, cost mgmt

What I think about some of the emerging EMS markets or regions
Most importantly, if they do not have strong engineering and technical institutions, or the ability to cheaply import talent, they will struggle.

What I think about low-cost manufacturing
Appropriate for low complexity products, such as consumer

My thoughts on what makes a good program manager
Value added thinking, looking out for the customer, innivative.

Some of the countries I have visited for work or play
Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia

A helpful travel tip I often use
Travel light!

The ultimate consumer electronics product I would still like to see developed
Interopability box for all mobile and IP communication