Peter Beddows
Encinitas, CA | North America
Managing Partner, Founder at Management Information Systems Solutions and Initiatives - MISSI

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My thoughts on ...
What I think about low-cost manufacturing
While every executive team has a primary fiduciary objective to maximize returns to stakeholders, current trends of achieving that result - inevitably only short-term - by indiscriminately laying off vast numbers of workers here in the US will ultimately, if it is not already fait accompli, result in fewer US Citizens being able to afford the products being produced ~ a dangerous, ultimately self-defeating approach. Better for us as a nation to adopt policies in support of profitable on-shoring.

My thoughts on what makes a good program manager
Particularly in the field of bleeding-edge development, the ability to see beyond the immediate and outside the box and to have great curiosity and desire to learn, to ask questions such as "why not" and "how else" and to keep in mind the objective while looking at all of the pieces and players involved in the process just as a winning coach knows what it takes in leading his team to super-bowl victory.

A book I recommend to others or am currently reading
The Black Swan: Second Edition: The Impact of the Highly Improbable: With a new section: "On Robustness and Fragility".
The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done.
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism

One of my favorite quotes
Søren Kierkegaard: "Once you label me you negate me."

Someone I would most like to sit next to at a dinner party
Vinod Khosla. Richard Branson.

Some of the countries I have visited for work or play
UK, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, France,Germany, Saudi Arabia are all places in which I have worked in handling capital equipment development projects. Even built a complete factory in Wales and transferred to US to do similar. I've also been responsible for delivering OEM capital equipment systems to India and Canada. The Canadian contract lead, inadvertently, to building a relationship with the client through an accidental ham radio contact that enabled us to discuss the proposed technology

About me ...

I’m a "Business Physician", a business intuitive: I help find and create solutions to revenue, market share and equity growth challenges.

As an ex-pat Brit’, lifelong entrepreneur, US citizen and keen sailor, I am passionate and determined about building profitable business. I thrive on discovering new market opportunity then building and leading teams to implement solutions that will develop market share, increase revenue, drive up profits and grow equity to put maximal cash back into stakeholders’ pockets.

I bring real world experience, skills and expertize accumulated from practical immersion within a wide variety of bleeding-edge technology and ideas development in fields ranging from complex OEM Capital Equipment Systems to emerging Business Process, Task-Flow and Decision Support Software Solutions.

To paraphrase Søren Kierkegaard, "Once you label me, you box me in and thus limit the potential I can deliver for you". I've held positions with P/L responsibilities on both sides of the Atlantic with management labels as far ranging as Operations, Production, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, IT, Product and Project. I've also started and turned around business in the US and UK. I'm also an APICS CSCP.