Mark Zetter

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My thoughts on ...
What I think about Foxconn
Seems to possess true sense of urgency that runs deep in its culture I've not come across in most other EMS companies today.

The skills I often see lacking in the EMS industry today
I'd like to see more creativity higher up the ladder.

If I could travel back in time and witness any event one would be
Witnessing my father as a young man during any point early in his life when he faced adversity -- watching him navigate through it gracefully.

One of my favorite quotes
"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them."

"Life takes you a lot of places. Every day you adjust your compass."
--Brad Kelley

Someone I would most like to sit next to at a dinner party
My father's father. He passed away before I could get to know him.

Some of the countries I have visited for work or play
India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Lebanon, Israel, France, Spain, Germany, UK ...

A helpful travel tip I often use
Visa Mapper
See which countries require a visa

The World Factbook‎
Extensive amount of helpful info per country.

A favorite electronics gadget
iPhone 4

One of my favorite toys as a child
Etch A Sketch

About me ...

Mark is a leading EMS industry analyst on outsourcing electronics and he enjoys discussing regional and global economics and trade policy, especially as they relate to manufacturing and global supply chains. Mark has performed work with a number of regional and foreign state governments and other policy-shaping organizations with interest in these matters.

Mark is founder and president of a website with original content written by Mark and other EMS industry executives and supply chain and purchasing influencers in the domain's GlobalNet community, the peer-powered network for electronics industry professionals in purchasing; finance, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

Mark frequently helps technology OEM companies in choosing EMS provider partners and negotiate OEM-EMS contract service level agreements. Mark has built strong industry relationships with top executives in technology OEM; EMS and ODM companies. Mark's expertise is backed by a solid understanding of OEM outsourced electronics supply chain operations; EMS business models, real-time intelligence on EMS industry trends and knowledge of industry cycles, plus his unique insight into the challenges EMS providers face when serving various electronics sector end markets.

Mark has executive-level EMS management experience in manufacturing operations with tier-1, -2 and startup EMS providers. He provides regular guidance to public and private sector organizations, OEM and EMS companies, and investors.

Mark is a trusted advisor to clients. He has helped clients to assess EMS provider strengths and weaknesses when surveying the industry for potential acquisition targets and strategic partnerships; understand EMS industry competitive dynamics and industry positioning, and better understand the EMS dialogue and EMS executive mindset.

Mark plays a positive role for both sides in industry transactions and relationship deals whether its assessing industry value propositions in provider memorandums prepared for delivery to prospective acquirers, or helping with discovery phases during due diligence prior to provider M&As.

Mark's writings have been attributed in academic papers and industry reports and he has appeared as co-host on the televised program 'World Business Review' as an industry expert leading discussions on segments dealing with technology manufacturing challenges in the 21st century.