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CEO at JGM Mfg ServicesPty Ltd
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My thoughts on ...
What I think about Foxconn
Think after hearing about them in China itself and reading about them in overseas news, they have major issues to resolve!! Not a happy camp if workers revolt , quality poor --customer tend to get jittery.

EMS companies I have worked with
I conducted very stringent checks on the EMS companies I work with or to whom I recommend to. First rule of thumb is to audit the company your working with and tear them apart to know if they are up to par with what you need. Then you will feel safe in conducting business with them. End result of doing the this -- fantastic delivery and quality performances.

The skills I often see lacking in the EMS industry today
Majority of the EMS --stick to what they know and do not invest in new assembly technologies to improve themselves . Catch 22 situation -- they wait for customers to tell them there is new design that is cost effective but they do not have the equipment to assemble it for you. Then the hustle begins to ensure that they can do it!

What I think about some of the emerging EMS markets or regions
Some consolidation could happen with some customer moving out from China as labor cost in China escalates 20% year on year ! Emerging markets to look at Malaysia and Indonesia . Surprisingly --hidden jewel there as labor rates in Malaysia/Indo -USD1.65 /hr whereas China is at USD1.68/hr.

What I think about low-cost manufacturing
You pay what you get situation. You do your own due diligence in the "sourcing" of your low cost parts but there can be a drawback to the quality of the product. If you do the same at low cost manufacturing -- take caution on the quality and the cost of quality of the products mass produced. There has to be strict control on the manufacturing process.

My thoughts on what makes a good program manager
He has to be a versatile player and understand product technicalities to the overall business view.

A book I recommend to others or am currently reading
Sun Tzu -- The Art of War

If I could travel back in time and witness any event one would be
Making of the Great Wall of China

One of my favorite quotes
Muddy Water -- Can Run Deep!

Someone I would most like to sit next to at a dinner party
Bill Gates

Some of the countries I have visited for work or play
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore , Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany , England ,Ireland,

A helpful travel tip I often use
Plan your trip in advance!

The ultimate consumer electronics product I would still like to see developed
Versatile thin and flexible solar panels.

A favorite electronics gadget
Home Automation Electronics - linked to my IPAD as the Interface.

One of my favorite toys as a child
Spitfire Fighter Plane

About me ...

Substantial experience in product manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, logistics, accounting/financial management and quality systems management. High premium on providing preemptive manufacturing support in English or Malay. Focus on strategic business management and a think tank on technology . Always interested in migration projects, as well as close interaction with the customers.

Specialties:Product Design & Development , Program & Project Management ,Competitive analysis, Strategic Business Management. (Electronics Manufacturing)