James Linclau
Fort Collins, CO. | North America
Senior Director, Global Procurement at Flextronics

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About me ...

I am a supply chain and procurement management professional with over 20 years experience with FORTUNE 500 Global OEM and EMS firms. My areas of expertise are managing and leading results driven supply chain, materials procurement and operations teams. My extensive career experience includes building customer and supplier alliances, international negotiations, commodity, outsourcing and contract manufacturer management.

I have held key managerial and individual contributor positions during significant transitions in the electronics industry, from OEM outsourcing of product and printed circuit board assembly manufacturing to the EMS industry’s adoption of the design for manufacturing (ODM) business model.

From factory floors to executive offices I have developed and applied a broad and in-depth knowledge of supply chain, materials and operations management based upon diverse managerial and individual contributor positions I have held throughout my career. My accomplishments demonstrate a history of coming up to speed quickly and effectively in new organizations, teams, ERP systems and processes. My achievements demonstrate a passion to build upon and relentlessly apply my skills and expertise to challenging roles and responsibilities.