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Mark Zetter
How to avoid one-sided contracts during negotiations
A while ago I was negotiating a contract where the other side was more focused on defense than working toward fair middle ground. The party wanted to remove language that held it equally accountable, instead wanting wording that removed them of all
Sherry Gordon
Supplier Scorecard Best Practices
You make an important point, Diarra, and I totally agree with you. The NPI phase provides an important opportunity to evaluate a supplier early on and avoid potential performance problems during mass production. It's much less costly and disruptive
Mark Zetter
Sr. electronics purchasing executives ask questions
A great mix of senior purchasing managers and executives attended our recent Webinar event on using scorecards to drive electronics purchasing strategy. Titles include: purchasing manager, senior global commodity manager, senior sourcing manager. c
Sunil Kumar
New Supplier Evaluation
If we are doing business with new supplier,if they not agree for credit terms how to go further? How can we believe the supplier? What all documents we should request from new supplier? How we have to evaluate the new supplier?
Mark Zetter
Supply chain risk differs by industry for COO, CFO, Engineering
The report the chart is from contains a ton of helpful information on supply chain development and risk. Its a Rand Corp research document focused on a branch of the US military - which has very extensive supply chains. A link to the report is belo
Mark Zetter
[VIDEO] Ultimate supply chain monitoring
The detail of ground movements and distinction is remarkable. Part of Skybox Imaging's larger goal is to sell what it can analyze about the global economy to companies, providing details such as supply chain monitoring. The firm's SkySat-1 satellit
Steven Linahan
Which companies could offer an RFQ application
There are a few others but did not state your industry. In manufacturing of electronic products needing supplier component data and a base library I prefer QuoteWin as a standard. Here is a source link to use to dial in your specifics and see othe
Sunil Kumar
ISO Registered supplier how to know
How to know whether supplier ISO registered or not? Whether we can check in any website for the same?
Sunil Kumar
What ethics should follow for cost reduction?
Sir, Thanks for your valuable feedback. What you said is correct,items which are received as per NDA we should not disclouse to anyone. Otherthan NDA items,drawings and tooling data whether for the cost reduction we can try for alternate mak
Sunil Kumar
Rescheduling the parts
Sir, Thanks for your immediate reply.Whether supplier will accept after the parts come in to stock? Whether we should negotiate with the supplier during the price negotiation?
Sunil Kumar
Bill of Material Pricing
Whether while calculating bill of material whether we have to give costing/annum or for/month. For example annual requirement for a part is 36K Nos and monthly requirement is 3K. MOQ is 30K,SPQ is 3K. If i give annum bill of material pricing to
Steven Linahan
What does “dedicated” resource mean in contract manufacturing?
In many EMS pricing models you are charged for resources such as head count, they get assigned to your customer facing team. You may even buy them your company logo tee shirt or polo…which by the way actually is an amazingly popular benefit to y
Mark Zetter
What is the value of TAA, Trade Agreement Act compliance?
Interesting comments. I'll be curious to see what others might say. No doubt some form of protectionism comes into play from all sides, which might later be relaxed in certain areas to help facilitate compromises elsewhere between nations on issue(
Steven Linahan
How do you reduce the VAT tax on service and repair units?
In countries that charge VAT taxes on imported goods it can be quite expensive to the customer and also the service provider and to pay those again for service and repair on a product is quite alarming but happens routinely when you do not properl
Steven Linahan
Benefits of verifying item master data
A few years ago I was responsible for a contract manufacturer’s site materials organization and found out firsthand how important validating item master data was for the site and for customers being transitioned in. The issues are many, such as
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