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EMS providers can improve their chances of winning OEM programs when OEM decision makers feel the EMS provider understands the OEM’s business concerns. Below, we touch on some of the high points, and ways, providers can communicate their understanding in their cover letter when targeting an OEM’s program destined for outsourcing.

We are pleased to submit this proposal to CUSTOMER for an electronics manufacturing execution solution. We are excited at the prospect of working with you and your team particularly because there is such a good fit between CUSTOMER objectives and the solutions that EMS PROVIDER offers. We are confident these recommendations will have a positive impact on your operations and long-term strategic objectives.


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The issues you face
Like many organizations, CUSTOMER business objectives are dependent upon getting quality products to market. Using our core management, technical knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities, EMS PROVIDER has the experience to help you balance the business issues identified below with your objectives.

Launching a new product
Introducing a new product to the market can be a daunting task. Market knowledge is required to effectively anticipate demand for the product. Technical expertise is required to translate market needs into a concept and to specify design requirements to engineering resources.

Engineering disciplines are needed to transform a concept and set of requirements into a working prototype in a timely manner. Testing knowledge is necessary to verify the product meets intended performance and functionality requirements and validate compliance for its intended usage.

Manufacturing and production knowledge is necessary to produce a quality product at minimum cost in the least amount of time. Supply chain management and logistics expertise is needed to effectively ramp and sustain volume production to meet market demand.

Ensuring no concession is made to product quality while features and performance are managed to meet design-to-cost targets.

Technology transfer
How to minimize the effort required to effectively transfer intimate knowledge of your product to individuals and organizations to facilitate a rapid production ramp while ensuring protection of your intellectual property.

Time-to-Market is critical, but time-to-volume is even more critical for a product where strong market demand is anticipated. Teaming with a partner that has the experience, systems, processes, capacities, and purchasing power to expedite the necessary materials, and who is motivated, flexible, and responsive, is key to achieving your time-to-volume objectives.

Product cost
Your products’ value is based on technical performance and quality at the lowest cost possible. Teaming with a partner that has the experience in managing the delicate balance between cost, schedule, and performance, which has skilled technical labor with DFC, DFM, and DFT capability, and the purchasing power to optimize economy of scale materials procurement, is crucial to achieving your product cost objectives.

The outcome you expect
This recommendation will have the following positive affect on CUSTOMER’S operations. Getting the results you’re looking for will help you achieve your goals. Use the following factors to decide whether implementing this recommendation is a worthwhile investment.

Technical expertise
A partner with the necessary experience and knowledge to quickly assimilate the technical aspects of your product and relay them to volume production processes.

Program management – Production experience
Experienced program management involves being trained and skilled in the disciplines necessary to effectively execute the production of a technically complex product with a globally dispersed team. Knowledgeable in the managerial and operational aspects of a major production ramp performed.


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Optimized program performance
A dedicated program manager that will:
• Document, maintain, and manage the program requirements
• Establish and motivate the program team to achieve objectives
• Manage and control program planning
• Perform risk assessment and mitigation
• Establish program controls
• Provide total program visibility and status while acting a key contact between CUSTOMER and EMS PROVIDER


Enable all team members and CUSTOMER to communicate instantaneously and securely

Material purchasing power
A value-add division with substantial centralized materials purchasing power to provide maximum economies of scale purchasing, and material procurement delivery priority.

The proven ability to successfully conduct a volume production product launch from design phase. Upon CUSTOMER’s approval of these recommendations, EMS PROVIDER will implement the plan outlined in this proposal. We are enthusiastic about partnering with CUSTOMER.

Thank you for considering EMS PROVIDER.

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