VO Webinar on Outsourcing Electronics in China Attracts Technology Professionals from more than 25 Countries

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 26, 2005 – Venture Outsource, helping companies make smarter business decisions, worldwide, announced results today from its recent, online, Webinar titled Outsourcing in China – Providers, Issues, Strategies and Opportunities.

The Webinar discussed a variety of topics including:
• Asia/China role in global/regional EMS
• Global, EMS providers operating in China
• Strategic issues OEMs face when choosing China
• Managing the relationship – key performance indicators
• EMS landscape in China
• How Chinese-owned EMS providers work
• Emerging markets/opportunities

Enrollees included a wide range of technology OEM, EMS, and ODM management executives, venture capitalists and their portfolio company executives, investment bankers, supply chain vendors, and various other attendees from more than 25 countries who also participated in the live, 20 minute question and answer period concluding the event.

“Although China was the Webinar theme, our presentation provided good insight into the general structure and management of electronics outsourcing relationships and, therefore, appealed to a very wide audience interested in learning how to define and negotiate their outsourcing contracts and formulate better supply chain best practices,” said Venture Outsource president, Mark Zetter.

The following feedback was provided by some of the event attendees:

“VO has a clear understanding of the important aspects involved in developing sound outsourcing relationships. Nice work,” said Russell Burrell, director, manufacturing engineering with TRW Automotive, an automotive supplier with revenues of $12 billion.

“Good presentation of sophisticated electronics outsourcing models with a straightforward approach and clear understanding of what’s important,” said Curt Anderson, executive director of worldwide engineering and operations with global EMS provider, Pemstar.

“A very informative presentation with the insights of the outsourcing trend moving to China. It provided a good visual angle to watch industry opportunities in the world,” said Zheng Meng (Edward) Gou, with Siemens Logistics & Assembly Systems Ltd. Electronics Assembly Systems (SMT).

“Very concise and useful. Venture Outsource presented good insight into the various working levels of the OEM-EMS relationship and provided a refreshing perspective on outsourcing contract service level agreements,” said Jeff Woolwine, assemblies commodity manager with Eaton Corporation, a diversified industrial manufacturer with sales of $9.8 billion.

“Highly informative and interesting. Venture Outsource’s presentations have been consistent with our own experiences and provide valuable guidance on various levels of outsourcing,” said Jim Davies, senior account manager with global EMS provider BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions.

“Very informative event. Mr. Zetter’s presentation demonstrated a sound understanding of outsourcing cost analyses and clearly identified some of the contractual issues that can surface with variable-asset manufacturing models,” said Hugues Tournier, hardware designer with Nortel Networks, a telecommunications leader delivering solutions to more than 150 countries.

The event was hosted by EMSNow and sponsored by Avnet, Inc., a leader in providing worldwide electronics marketing, distribution, and other value-add services and, Solectron Corporation, a leading provider of electronics manufacturing and integrated supply chain services with 57,000 employees across the globe.

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