VIDEO – Foxconn Chengdu factory, worker conditions and employee interview

A RECENT STORY on the The New York Times Website discusses the human costs built into an iPad. Accompanying the article is a video (below) showing a Foxconn factory located in Chengdu, China that employs 120,000 Foxconn workers. The factory operates 24 hours per day and seven days per week where workers manufacture and assemble Apple iPads, iPhones and other products. The article and video both point to working situations that can be abusive and sometimes deadly.

Apple has recently taken very public steps to better manage working conditions in Asian factories, that comprise part of Apple’s global supply chain. For instance, the average worker in Chengdu earn US$1 per day. But, the real challenge will be managing consumer perceptions. (Also, watch: Video – Apple supply chain transparency and supplier responsibility must also influence public opinion and Video – Foxconn workers talk about factory life in documentary)

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