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EMS/ODM manufacturer corporate (org chart) reporting structure impacts sales and services


Read how OEM customer programs often are at a disadvantage with some EMS/ODM provider org charts, reporting structure and compensation practices.
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Trade war tariff risk and protectionism by nation

Some ASEAN countries benefit more than others, despite profile risk comparing protectionism. See complete chart, beyond Asia.
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ODM Cloud server assembly firms adjust manufacturing footprints

ODM plans to distribute manufacturing likely to cause higher costs in several areas. Favored geographies are outlined with percent production at each.
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Mexico v Taiwan: US tariff exposure for ODM hardware, by ODM company, per nation

Gain access electronics ODM industry research and make more informed business and investment decisions.
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EMS provider Venture Manufacturing fights economic headwinds

Venture Manufacturing’s receivables were roughly 34% of assets, which is high for EMS industry and could reflect risk of improper credit management.
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Trends impacting Taiwanese EMS, ODM margins and revenue

Will market share concentration among OEM customers help revenue growth for Taiwanese EMS/ODMs?
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Taiwanese ODM competitive landscape shifts as new market sectors emerge

Market research on select ODM companies, and more, by manufacturing footprint and product market sectors. Request detailed reports from Venture
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Freight transport: China keeps top spot for global supply chain manufacturing scalability

Seeking to avoid tariffs, China alternatives narrow as manufacturers consider product shipping costs against inventory point of consumption.
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Fast product launch new medical devices: 510(K) and FDA cleared v FDA approved

To help innovation, medical device firms bringing new product to market are not required to go through a strenuous testing process if their new device is substantially similar to one that has come before. But abuse has entered the system.
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Rethinking OEM customer satisfaction surveys for electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

EMS manufacturing customer satisfaction surveys are short-sighted and lack EMS provider accountability. EMS providers are insulated from being responsible. Here’s why.
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