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These 14 CEOs failed to navigate disruption

List of fourteen business leaders who failed to recognize disruption in their respective industry brought on by competitors. And their careers paid the price.
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Global market share semiconductor industry

Nearly all supply chain market segments are on notice while US-China trade war outcome remains uncertain. For semiconductors, SEMI and SIA both expressed disappointment with tariffs on China and semiconductor-related imports. Stages of semiconductor production Tariffs will hurt US semiconductor …
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Survey: Top ranked China manufacturing alternatives for supply chain relocation

Nations ranked by criteria for manufacturing supply chain relocation based on survey results.
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EMS provider manufacturing equipment continuity is postured marketing

EMS provider same equipment claim is a fallacy. Here’s why.
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Manufacturing overview of production capacity by end market relocating to South East Asia

OEM program types and trends moving to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and other South East Asia nations.
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Eight (8) areas manufacturing technology creating factory of the future

Read eight (8) key areas where manufacturers late to the game run the risk of falling behind, or losing altogether. Report download.
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Vietnam tariff day of reckoning for possible currency manipulation

Several ASEAN nations face scrutiny that can result in tariffs, thus removing some advantages for manufacturing supply chains.
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Manufacturing capacity relocation cost analysis

Earnings impact, inventory swings, and duplicate capacity facing some OEMs moving manufacturing production.
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ODM competition driving margin erosion

EMS providers and ODM manufacturers in Taiwan experience lower margins, yielding pricing benefits to OEM customers.
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EMS manufacturing industry status on automation and artificial intelligence


World’s first manufacturing supply chain AI directly attributable to measurable outcomes and saving clients money is already changing manufacturing supply chains.
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