Trends & Observations

Trends & Observations – Jul ’06

Venture Outsource launches Lean Outsourcing seminars and industry-wide online survey, read about recent CIO poll results, and global handset sector demand…
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Trends & Observations – Jun ’06

India attracts Jabil Circuit, European Union's RoHS directive likely to cause headaches, different sales and marketing aspects of the global PC market, health of the handset sector, and more…
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Trends & Observations – May ’06

Growing Nortel business at Solectron, poorly-managed vendors in the PCB industry, growth rate for 2006 handset, and leadtimes issues evolving in passives…
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Trends & Observations – Apr ’06

Solectron's Nortel business appears to be growing, the printed circuit board industry moves along while the handset industry's anticipated growth rate changes and, leadtimes with passives are starting to surprise people.
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Trends & Observations – Mar ’06

Flexible PCB vendors seeing order increases, talk of inventory concerns among players in the EMS industry, China's GSM market grows considerably with no slow down in sight, and more…
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Trends & Observations – Jan ’06

A major flexible PCB manufacturer increases net income guidance, lead times for ceramic capacitors rise, virtual model EMS providers such as Benchmark Electronics weigh in on the benefits of the model, and more…

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EMS Manufacturing global pricing drivers and OEM fees


Understand ways EMS providers determine costs for pricing quotes to OEMs for better contract negotiations outcomes and driving OEM program cost reductions.
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When outsourcing is not the answer


Medical electronics OEM finds alternative to keep manufacturing in USA and save on tariffs using internal operations analysis to identify costs and savings.
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