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7 Strategy essentials for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and ODM providers, in partnership with IDC’s electronics manufacturing research initiative, presents exclusively for our readers …
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Report: Global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market $257 billion by 2012

EMS as well as Original Design Manufacture (ODM) are among the most rapidly growing industries in the electronics assembling arena …

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Nam Tai Electronics’ management vacuum and margins plunge

A management vacuum has been left in the wake of the departures. As a result, Nam Tai Electronics no longer …
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Supply chain salaries rising in Canada

The survey – conducted in July and August of 2008 – involved more than 2,500 supply chain / procurement practitioners across …

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Report: Printed circuit board book-to-bill weakness signs to increase

On a year-on-year basis, rigid printed circuit board (PCB) shipments were down 3.8% and bookings were down …

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EMS in recession: What’s different this time?

Today, electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies generate 31% less revenue from networking and telecom than they did …

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One more benefit of outsourcing

Companies from countries such as India and China are establishing offices and conducting business activities that are bringing jobs and capital back to the United States. One of the reasons behind the trend is the economic maturation of these locations over the past five years…
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Report: Credit crisis hits EMS sector

Going into a recession, the firm states it is extremely hard to see ahead. Company earnings estimates depend heavily on how deep and how long the recession is plus, how much of the world it includes. on the negative side, the shortage of credit, which appears more extreme than in past recessions, could…
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Electronics distribution, connector markets face macro-economic headwinds

The outlook for almost every technology end market has deteriorated over the past quarter in areas such as auto, handsets, personal…
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Results for supply chain survey by third party logistics providers (3PLs)

CEOs completed 39 surveys via an Internet-based questionnaire during the summer of 2008. Companies participating in the …

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