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Artificial intelligence exceeding EMS manufacturing industry expectations

Faster, more accurate RFQ quote turnaround with fewer EMS staff, while reducing OEM new program launch to just 4 days v. 14-21 days previously. Click to read more findings.
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Tariff impact across technology sector raises telecom, networking hardware pricing

Chart details percentage pricing increases for hardware, highlighting changes based on tariffs, per OEM company, and product.
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Forecasting emerging markets growth and largest global economies by 2030

Developing economies like Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, and Brazil are expected each to move upward by 2030.
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EMS manufacturing metric: Materials work-in-progress (WIP) percent raw materials


Inventory turns are easily, and often, manipulated. Metric focuses EMS provider material purchasing cost and helps manage direct labor, costly EMS indirect labor workflow.
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Hourly manufacturing labor wages across Asia compared to rates in developed economies

Some shifts are taking place in manufacturers relocating operations and supply chains to less expensive countries even thought its costly and risky when moving production. Electronics OEMs and contract EMS manufacturing PCB assembly providers are impacted by tariffs, the rising …
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Vietnam high-tech manufacturing industry value add v China and Asia

12 manufacturing regions in Asia are reviewed by manufacturing value add: China, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan.
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Read what other readers and registered users have to say about and OEM community, our online events and materials. We invite you to also read a few of the many noteworthy mentions of content and our website cited in …
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South East Asia destinations attract China manufacturing supply chain relocation

South East Asia is currently the biggest beneficiary of China relocations. Read why with links to alternative manufacturing destinations.
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Tariffs drive four OEM sourcing strategies and EMS China manufacturing supply chain relocation


Multiple EMS providers have reached out for help in developing, validating, or executing plans to relocate portions of their operations and supply chains out of China. In addition to many China EMS PCB assembly factories burdened with high customer concentrations, …
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Demand underpins electric vehicle battery capacity and EV passenger vehicle projections

Rising demand not expected to let up anytime soon. Projections broken down by vehicle type and global demand and geography.
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