Electronic component orders dive says ECA

After a brief revival in August, electronic component orders plunged in September, according to the monthly index compiled by the Electronic Components Association (ECA). The 12-month average, comparing this year’s results to those from 2007, also descended for the first time this year.

“The electronic components industry had been bucking global economic trends for months, but it looks like it has finally succumbed to the enormous pressure,” says Bob Willis, ECA president.

“Although it’s tempting to compare this downturn to 2000, there are different dynamics involved. While the economy might be worse currently than in 2000, electronic component suppliers have learned a lot about managing the supply chain in the intervening years”, adds Willis.

Last month, ECA updated the baseline year of its monthly order index from 1996 to 2006 to better reflect today’s market realities. The new index shows more dramatic movement in the adjusted four- to five-week results. Results for the 12-month average are not affected by the change.

Source: The Electronic Components Association (ECA)

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