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Component event risks in electronic manufacturing supply chains


Read how being able to properly route actionable, accurate product BOM and component info for timeliness and decision-making allows supply chain professionals to make more informed decisions.
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Manufacturer financial restatement risk in highly networked EMS manufacturing supply chains


Manufacturers have more financial report restatements than other industry. Reasons include inventory quantities and valuations, reserves, revenue recognition…tied to difficulty monitoring global, manufacturing models.
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How product change notices impact profit margin in contract EMS manufacturing programs

Manufacturing analysis and making informed assumptions requires access to rich, market and industry segment information. What you can do and why it matters.
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What quality-minded manufacturers want from supply chain vendors

Quality and manufacturing productivity seem to be in a constant struggle. The faster you want to speed up production, the more likely you are to have manufacturing quality issues. Whereas, raising objectives for product quality may be more likely to adversely effect your productivity objectives.
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Creating contract manufacturing supply chain roadmaps for competitive advantage

A major challenge for OEM manufacturers who use contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers is building efficient supply chains that can improve the OEM’s product positioning and help make your product portfolios more competitive. This can be achieved by: having …
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How electronic OEM equipment firms use tight manufacturing systems when sourcing EMS services

Electronic OEM managers remove feelings and subjectivity from EMS manufacturing sourcing decisions.
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Top questions OEM equipment manufacturers should ask EMS manufacturing partners about KPI performance metrics

Read detailed KPI info here. Read RFQ quote best practices here. Below are key questions electronics OEM equipment manufacturers should ask their EMS manufacturing partners to establish KPI performance metrics for OEM outsourcing programs: What key metrics (operating indicators) does …
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EMS manufacturing contract agreement trends and RFP/RFQ management for OEM decision makers

Detailed info for electronic OEM decision makers tasked with negotiating EMS manufacturer contract service agreements.
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Questions for manufacturers connecting devices to IoT clouds

Microprocessors or microcontroller? 32-bit or 64-bit? How many devices can your IoT cloud partner manage? Is your opportunity about having more devices in the cloud or, more types of devices with greater functionality and features sets?
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Cost to build a SharePoint manufacturing intranet: How much?

How to create a digital manufacturing intranet work place encouraging users to exchange ideas and drive productivity.
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