Trade war tariff risk and protectionism by nation

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Perhaps not surprisingly, some electronics OEMs have duplication in manufacturing capacity across countries where the consumption base for finished goods is the US. For example, the same company can have significant hard disk drive assembly operations in China and ASEAN locations.

Continued focus on existing and potential gains in ASEAN from China-US trade war on tariffs reveal ongoing electronics industry and light manufacturing benefits occurring in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This is more so than Indonesia and Philippines, but dependent on product type and manufacturing requirements and skill needed.

Countries lower left quadrant least exposed to rise in protectionist measures

Where are we going?

Counter-tariffs are becoming the norm to a US protectionist strategy. Tariffs have now been placed on everything from washing machines and solar panels, to steel, aluminum and, no less than $300 billion of imports from China with threats of more. The global economy is seeing counter-tariffs from China, the European Union, and other nations.

[Hourly] Manufacturing wages: Asia nations v developed economies
[Annual] Manufacturing worker cost: Asia nations v China
US-China tariffs impact manufacturing in Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico

The US has also threatened additional tariffs with China, withdrawn from international postal agreements, and threatened to withdraw from the WTO.

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