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Electronics new product introduction (NPI) challenges

Several helpful articles are below the diagram for managers and executives to consider when introducing new electronics products to market. Some industry estimates state qualified EMS providers and ODM companies with product development and design engineering and prototyping talent capability, plus proprietary in-house software can shave up to an entire month off the time it takes the OEM to get his product from concept to ramp-to-volume manufacturing. Below is an OEM product TTM flowchart for an NPI build in-house an EMS provider highlighting common EMS NPI bottlenecks OEMs often encounter.

As you can see in the flowchart diagram, bill of materials (BOM) scrubbing in order to get ready for procurement is the main culprit contributing to critical delays in a product’s TTM.

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From product design, through NPI to high-volume production, TTM can be defined as the time it takes to complete a product’s schematics followed by the time it takes for printed circuit board layout then, add on the time for purchasing components, plus the time to build alpha and beta prototype builds, the time to set up a product supply chain, transfer the build to a factory and, lastly, ramp-to-volume.

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