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Considerations for manufacturing electronics in China

Whether you are a Chinese citizen living in China, an expat working in China, a foreigner who once traveled across China, or you had a short stay in China if you know anything about China, one thing for certain is everyone who has been to China has a story to tell.  Indeed, China is home to many unique folkways, traditions and business practices found nowhere else.

For companies and individuals to be successful in the fast-changing, short product lifecycle environment called the global electronics industry, you’d be foolish not to try to understand China’s place in global supply chains as more and more people in the world’s most populous nation are increasing their discretionary income year after year. Click here to find China-based providers.



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Question: Does anyone know who are the top 3 bluetooth ODM's/OEM's in the world?

Steve DeCollibusAnswer:, this website has a list that is broken out by size and products manufactured. … Read more »

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