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Electronic assembly manufacturing feasibility, due diligence and strategy

VentureOutsource.com content is based on first-hand executive operating experience managing contract electronics manufacturing costs and accompanied by fact-based analysis. Performance of electronics assembly manufacturing services companies can vary from factory to factory, even within the same firm.

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In addition to electronics contractor manufacturing firms serving a wide array of electronics markets they offer a vast range of services. And although outsourcing to China has grown over the years there remain other low-cost regions with specialized advantages having their own geographic relevance.

The information below is a result of extensive auditing due diligence of electronics contract manufacturing services worldwide, of service providers large and small. We understand provider true capabilities vs. services marketed pre-sale as well as the subtle differentiation among providers based on constant inventory updating of service capabilities, with industry feedback, in our database – which we share with OEMs on request.

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Our vast knowledge of industry information we have obtained cannot be found collectively anywhere else, including other directories, industry publications or subscription newsletters, risk assessment and intelligence databases, industry research reports, to name a few.

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We invite you to read through the articles below and explore other areas of our site to learn more about outsourcing contract electronics feasibility, manufacturing cost analysis and transition planning, production cost models and more.

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