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Contract Manufacturing Consultants – Formulating service agreements and contract negotiations

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Venture Outsource’s resource knowledge of contract electronic manufacturing agreements is second to no other single source. We have helped formulate and negotiate outsourcing service contract agreements for various industries across all service levels.

Whether using our proprietary contract services templates or customizing SLA’s presented by contract electronics solutions providers, our work is supported by years of expertise in industry understanding best practices (vs. practices common in industry).

We help organizations to determine detailed info on materials forecasting and management of purchase orders, materials procurement limits and inventory liability and thresholds, initial and ongoing cost reduction targets, optimizing engineering change order (ECO) cut-ins, lead time reporting, capacity and operations and quarterly business reviews and reports, product shipment scheduling and changes (with limits and costs), purchase order variances and costs, and percentages for EMS pricing methodologies – including ‘should cost analysis’ production cost models used for global pricing and outsource manufacturing total landed cost benchmarking.

Understanding ways EMS manufacturers leverage activity-based costing and price aggregation when quoting during the RFQ phase can help further isolate and narrow EMS purchase-price-variance (PPV) for materials, reduce quote pricing, determine testing fees, and much more. For negotiations we can work behind the scenes as an advisor or act on behalf of clients as a facilitator.

Several articles and resources below can help manufacturers obtain a deeper understanding about contract electronics manufacturing service level agreements and terms for both product design and manufacturing.

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For years, Venture Outsource has served the top contact manufacturing consulting firms and we can serve your organization also with our private consulting and research projects. In addition to contract manufacturing expert witness work, some contract manufacturing project examples are below.

Contract manufacturing consulting

Understanding EMS manufacturer services and technical capabilities by provider, EMS factory, geography, and EMS global industry; development and review of contract manufacturing request-for-quote (RFQ) procedures, templates and documentation, development of OEM product cost models for outsourcing manufacturing, understanding EMS manufacturing supplier quotes and comparing EMS manufacturing quotes for complex services, development and review and negotiations of contract manufacturing supplier agreements, identifying and selection of contract manufacturing EMS provider partners, formulation of key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing management of EMS manufacturing supply chains, and more. Contact us.

Manufacturing contract agreements and negotiations

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